Wednesday, June 18, 2008

oh! yes....wyoming!

We made the trek home last week! It was kind of a whirlwind of activities and travel. We flew to Denver with a few delays-five hours in the airport and then drove the two hours to OWA. The outdoor wilderness adventure camp that James & Chelsea are running. It was a fabulous location and a beautiful drive. This was our first Faerber Family Reunion. Mom brought boxes of Durrant memorabilia and through a long and very fair system we all got special pieces. Chris fished a beautiful river while the family rock climbed and played in the water. We took a train up to Pikes Peak-14100 feet (or something really high) and finally enjoyed a great FHE sharing memories of Grandpa & Grandma Durrant. It was a highlight! It is hard to describe all that we did in one short week of time.

Get ready for an overload of pictures.....

Saturday-Wednesday was spent in CO and then we drove through Laramie-Pokesville to Lander to see Packers. Katie is home and looking oh so hot! It was Roy's Birthday on Friday and Father's Day. It was great to be back in Lander and enjoy family!

We then had to make the trek home. Driving to Laramie to spend the night with the Livingston's. Thanks guys for the fabulous meal and fun reminiscing! Also fun with Erica-Walmart. After a short night's rest we drove to Denver on Sunday to catch separate planes to NY. My day was filled with delays and after ALL day Sunday in airports and a short nap in a plush Chicago hotel I made it home on Monday around noon. Yek! You have to love traveling.

The great thing about family, and any lasting relationship, is that we recognize and appreciate that worthwhile endeavors seem to be packaged with a certain amount of inconvenience and heartache. All the travel delays, long hours in the car, preparing meals, doing dishes and simply putting forth a great deal of effort is something we are willing to do even when and especially when any of those events are not convenient or do not serve our own purposes....

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