Tuesday, July 29, 2008

faerber & beck

we had a great visit with my mom and my aunt tina. it was a quick wednesday evening to sunday (well monday because of delays). it went too fast and was a whirlwind of events.

we started with the church sites, the amish, shopping at the outlets and we ate really good food. olives, the cheesecake factory, simply crepes + some. it was a little ridiculous but so fun. saturday we bought rugs, paint and finished the olive green living room. we tried to convince chris we needed wallpaper but it has not happened yet? it is fabulous! they got to experience the singles branch and gave me so many ideas for yw. what a great visit. i love having family close and since we are not, it is great to have them visit. it was fun, uplifting and exhausting.

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Eric and Jessi said...

wish we weren't so poor and could come visit...