Monday, September 26, 2011

a little catch up

ward picnic
We are getting settled into our new ward now that Chris has officially been released. It has been wonderful to have nursery, be involved in new things and meet new people. The ward is busy with activities, needs and opportunities- this picture was from our ward picnic and there is a campout next week. It is great, of course a transition in all things but we will get settled and enjoy it.

We are loving all the huge veggies from our garden this fall. Tomatoes (roma, heirloom and garden), cucumbers, green peppers, strawberries, squash and jalapeno peppers. then Basil and peppermint from the herbs. Yummy! We were both surprised at how well the little garden worked and are making plans for a much larger one next year. Still learning a lot but enjoying it.

And we have been wearing our rainboots since this has been the wettest month of the year. Baby K is pretty cute in his little shoes-he loves to call out "march, march" when he wears them because they make a fun sound on the hardwood floors as we leave.

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