Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween + Leaves

For Halloween we made treats for a friends party; ghost/mummies (that depends on who you ask) as well as Apple Brittle. We bought candy for the O trick-or-treaters who came/did not come by our house. And hung out with Elise from our branch!
Fun times!

Then this weeks FHE was spent outside. We love our big old trees in the back yard. They provide wonderful shade and turned a beautiful color yellow this year but OMG it took forever to rake ALL the leaves.
This picture does not do it justice because raking took Chris and I four hours to complete. It was a great workout. We went through two rolls of hefty garbage bags~this does not even show them all. I still love this time of year and actually did not mind the four hours outside on a beautiful fall day plus Chris and I got to chat about a lot of things.


Eric and Jessi said...

Whoa leaves!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are going to turn down my invitation to my FHE next week where we are going to rake my yard? Bummer.

Cute cookies!