Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a quilt

chris really liked this fabric combination and was really excited to pick it out himself....so to keep from going a little crazy we are busy finishing it and the curtains, and we found a rug that is from the same designer. amazing how it all came together.


we really like the colors because it could be for a boy or a girl

So to keep a very long story short we are certified to be foster to adoptive parents in Monroe County so we are just waiting to be placed with a child or children. I have not talked about it too much on the blog for several reasons but I guess at some point it will be obvious!

I feel like blogs are a great way to see a portion of someone's life but a really hard way to stay in touch with people. so I am really sorry for a lack of information. it is really one sided. chris has been more open about things and since the blog has been like a journal for us it makes sense to write about all that is happening. I guess the whole thing has been a very difficult and long journey and one that is not easy to share. But that is what we are doing right now.


Linds said...

Lisa! That is so exciting. I know you guys will be great at it!

Jodie said...

I love the quilt! Sure miss you guys. Don't forget that I'm here at a moment's notice with all things baby related. :) Love you!