Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This was the first Thanksgiving we have spent with family here in Rochester. We were so excited that the Millers could join us. Thanks for making the drive up!

and the branch of course! i think we had the best food this was all so good.

We had these little bodies in our toddler bed and crib to make sure it was all child proof and ready. too cute!
Jess, Eric, Penelope and Maya came from Cincinnati, Ohio....we are excited to have family that lives within driving distance at least for a few more months! it was a great break from work and went by way too fast.

Thursday millers drove in and we ran around trying to finish dinner and the prep for it, ate and then came home and hung out, chatted and went to bed way too late.

Friday~ Jess and I went to do a little shopping; the yarn boutique, JoAnns and we actually found online a Checkers Burgers (we grew up eating these burgers in Huntsville and have not seen them since.) it was a crazy backwoods trek trying to find what we thought would be a fastfood place and it turned out to be a truck stop off the interstate. we had to park in the restricted area and run across the entire parking lot to get those fries and burgers but they were so good!!

Chris did a little fishing, Eric did a lot of reading and we just played with the girls. Watched a movie and again went to bed way too late.

Friday; more shopping for Jess and Eric, Chris headed to the temple bright and early and I stayed with the girls...we sang ABC's faster and louder, read books and watched princess movies.

Then off to the sacred grove and the santa train....that gets an entire post because it was just too funny!
Maya was asleep in the car



Eric and Jessi said...

It was a GREAT trip, thanks again for having us!!!

Kelly Fam said...

i love your blog. i just spent half an hour catching up on your sweet blog. Your pictures and descriptions are amazing.thanks for sharing.
Amber (garlock) kelly

Eric Miller said...

It was a great trip, we had a lot of fun! Thanks again.