Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we survived

but just barely!!

I really think this was a new low for me....we have been so busy with work, church, holidays coming and certification right now that everything just happened at once. Seriously, I only had one maybe two (chris would say) little breakdowns. Where I was not sure how this was going to come together.

I hope it did in the end I know everything was not perfect but it worked and we survived!

Our theme was a Return to Virtue, our stake president spoke and he did a fabulous job as always. We had homemade cupcakes, virtue charms, pictures of the temple for each YW and then we had a musical performance by the YW. I hope everyone had a great time! We got very few pictures of the event but here are a few.


our virtue chain that the YW have worked on ALL year! It was huge.

we had to add more tables and chairs as people continued to come in. that is a great problem to have but we were packed into the gym.

and there was GOLD every where!!! foil on the cupcakes, on the tables, sprinkles on the cupcakes, flowers, decor. I think I will stay away from gold in the christmas season this year just because I am a little sick of it...

so fairwell YW in Excellence until next year...thank goodness!

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Linds said...

That is so neat. We are doing YW in Excellence at a ward level and are working on planning it now. I'm working on my project and feel a little stressed about it.