Tuesday, July 29, 2008

faerber & beck

we had a great visit with my mom and my aunt tina. it was a quick wednesday evening to sunday (well monday because of delays). it went too fast and was a whirlwind of events.

we started with the church sites, the amish, shopping at the outlets and we ate really good food. olives, the cheesecake factory, simply crepes + some. it was a little ridiculous but so fun. saturday we bought rugs, paint and finished the olive green living room. we tried to convince chris we needed wallpaper but it has not happened yet? it is fabulous! they got to experience the singles branch and gave me so many ideas for yw. what a great visit. i love having family close and since we are not, it is great to have them visit. it was fun, uplifting and exhausting.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Hill Cumorah Pageant..........
So life in palmyra, ny stops because it is pageant time! it is honestly a little bit crazy. chris & i always feel bad because we do not really "catch the spirit" of pageant but we try to offer some support.

This year we volunteered for security and parking from 1:00pm to 6:30pm. It had to have been the hottest day of the year! And I was not sure why we had volunteered our entire Saturday for this but we did survive and that parking lot was so well organized! Good times.

So I originally thought that "HCP" meant handicapped parking, because we were helping to park cars and we were close to the handicap entrance. It was only after I noticed that "HCP" was written on all of the cones that the light bulb went off, "HCP" = Hill Cumorah Pageant, not HandiCapped Parking! Give me a break, it was a hot day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

hamburgers, baseball & fireworks......

Can you get more American than that....

Go Red Wings!!
We had really great seats right behind home plate. And thanks to Adam we had a great barbecue before the game! We did miss the small town festivities of Lander, Wyoming. But overall it was a great 4th of July

the neighborhood

Irondequoit Bay

i love that the bay is so close to our house. now we just have to buy a boat, canoe, kayak, something..uh jet ski! anyway it is a beautiful view and we love hiking all the trails around the house. we should be spending our few hours of spare time unpacking but we have loved exploring the neighborhood!

Beehive Activity!

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We have a yearly Super Saturday only for Beehives so they can get to know other YW their age. We have such a small stake of YW so we hope it makes a difference.

This year it was a photography lesson, "Just picture it!" from Sister Lisa O'Neil. She is the cutest mom from the 4th Ward and takes fabulous pictures. She gave us some great tips on improving our photos.

We also had some mixer games and then a fun simple craft to complete personal progress goal.

It was a great party with great food!

Thanks to all who helped out some much in carrying out this activity!

On the same morning and time we had a Youth Conference Planning meeting so it was a little busy and a little crazy!