Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finding the tree


Timberland boots! for babies, really? they are so cute though and someone gave them to us so they seemed perfect for being out on the farm and finding the xmas tree. IMG_3709


We love Wilberts farm in Webster.


Saturday was the windest, coldest day so far but poor baby boy was such a good sport. IMG_3729


love that face. what the heck mom and dad!

This has been a family tradition forever but it is not quite the same as in Wyo. We miss the snowmobiles and all the gear but really appreciate the easy of going a few miles down the road and pulling a cart back to our car with a xmas tree.



here it is our little, crooked tree!! but it smells so good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

baby shoes

why are baby shoes so cute! I could not resist buying some new ones even though we have yet to find something that stays on his feet really well.


10 months

really?? I cannot believe time has gone by so fast. What a cutie this little guy is.....we just love him so much!
he has this crazy curly hair now that is so soft.IMG_3633
this month he has 3 teeth and 2 more that are still growing
he endured his first really sick, sickness...yek! infantigo...yek!! and well we just barely survived that as well. he cried none stop for three days, won't eat, sleep or let us put him down. my arm muscles are now really buff and he nows gives us hugs on call. that is really cute!
we started a mommy and me swim class. he loves the water
loves Cheerios, cheese, bread, crackers, a sippy cup and anything really he can stuff into his
mouth. what a big boy!
he chuckles nonstop, babbles nonstop and loves music! we found some really annoying, noisy children's toys-pianos, etc and he loves them. thank goodness they have an "on and off" button!
not walking yet but this kid does not sit still. the senior missionaries at church commented that
he is going to be a wrestler because he just twists and turns and wiggles! Ah!
he gives kisses! greets you with a smile no matter how he is feeling or what time of day or night it is. and loves his daddy so much. they roll and play and wrestle.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

the pumpkin...

chris and baby had the best time craving the pumpkin on saturday! buggie was so excited and sat or stood right next to chris and the pumpkin the whole time. i really thought he would hate the insides but he just played in it and of course put it in his mouth. he is exploring. it turned out really cute! and we made much less of a mess than i thought we would.

Copy of IMG_3453







Happy Halloween!



Our branch does not have a family style Halloween get together so we crashed the 1st Wards on Saturday evening. It was a really fun casual party. They had a chili dinner with corn bread and desserts! And then the kids trunk or treated around the church. They showed on the projector Charlie Browns Halloween while the kids went through and traded all their candy. It was nice to see everyone we have not seen in a while and enjoy the costumes and families from the ward.









So on actual Halloween we took buggie to our foster care friends house and the neighborhood. Kids from different neighborhoods are bused into their neighborhood so it is really an eventful night (especially since our dead end street never has any children come through)



family pics

one of our good friends from the branch offered to take some family pictures
here are a few of our favorites!










I cannot say we are very photogenic but we love to have updated pictures especially by such a nice guy! thanks scott!


Hebrews 11:1
Romans 5:3-5

Hope is expectation based on experience

I taught this last week about faith and I was so grateful to have learned so much. This idea that our faith in Jesus Christ moves us to action to obey or follow Christ. We act on this faith by obeying the Word of Wisdom by doing this we hope or expect to have health because we know through our experiences that we remain healthy by following. It is a big circle. I love it!!

And this can be applied to anything we follow or anything we have hope in.....salvation, a happy family, marriage, prosperity. it is so simple and i love that about the gospel.

We cannot base our faith in a request (like health or a family) we have faith in Jesus Christ alone, the only sure foundation. When we knock he will open that door every time.

again i struggle to walk by faith in a world governed by sight but recognize now how I have done this in the past and how I can do this better in the future.

I am grateful for opportunities to grow.


and a picture.......to make you laugh because it brightens my day!!!

Seneca Lake


Chris has a favorite winery that sells all kinds of grape juice and grape produce. Yum!


Since Saturdays have now been taken by birth mom visits as well we got up early to make the drive down and back really fast! It was a fun little trip.


of course we stopped at my favorite little quilting store as well and found some fun pumpkin/farmers stands along the way.