Saturday, June 16, 2012


We have had some very sweet moments with this little guy these past few weeks. this morning we were hanging out in bed before we started the day; baby in the middle and he went back and forth kissing both he and I. I will take it! He loves his daddy especially right now.
Chris was making animal sounds one day and baby K followed me into another room. Chris started making bird noises and baby K stopped looked up and said clear as day, "him a bird!"
What a big boy!
I have moments with him when I have forgotten that he is not "ours" because he has always felt like "ours." One day we were singing the song-going on a bear hunt! And we were both just laughing until we cried! I love those moments when life is that simple, fun and innocent!


 since i am so far behind with all that has happened i think i will start from here and go back........
we had a great day of strawberry picking
and will enjoy them all this next year! yummy.....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

we had to say goodbye

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Friday we said goodbye to Niomi. This was a few hours before we packed her up to leave which was horrible. Everyone was crying, hugging, and we watched her drive away in a weird car most likely to not know or hear from her again. This foster care stuff is really hard. Chris gave her a blessing before she left and we know she is with family but the situation is less than ideal. We hope and pray that she is ok and are both trying hard not to worry about her. We love you Niomi and know that you are a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father.

summer time!!

I think this might be my favorite photo of the two of them together. Baby boy in the water and Niomi being wild and splashing from the outside. Just enjoying each other, the sun, the water and having fun!

Mother's Day

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Chris serves at church with the men and they were in charge of the Mother's Day gifts for all the women in the Ward. So in true "men" fashion (sorry!) it was passed down to us until late, late Friday night. Ah! The joys...and then I decide that we cannot just do chocolate. We have to make 75 hand cut, twisted and glued flower pins. We figured we spent just about 9 hours total. They were really cute and I hope everyone liked them.
And I had a great Mother's Day! After a long day in Primary (our children's church group) I took a long nap, Chris made some delicious food and dessert and we spent the afternoon together. Not much better.
I am also so grateful to my own Mother and mother in law. They are wonderful women who continue to love, support, teach and uplift us in so many ways. I only wish we lived closer together.