Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day

Happy Memorial weekend! Every year we join the Molinari's for their small town parade and picnic. It is really a good time. They have great fresh food and great company.

I love this weekend because it means that summer is really here and it is so beautiful here!

Chris worked so much on the yard as well as the bathroom and the entryway. It is nice to have progress made.

waiting for the parade! we could hear it coming. they do a really nice little program to honor all those who have served and are serving our country.

weddings at church...

Our little singles branch has 6 weddings this summer! that is a lot for a small group of singles. we had our first of the season this last weekend. and it was a really busy one for us!

Day 1- baby K is so easy going! he just played and played.

By day 2-he was exhausted and throwing up by the end! ah! we all survived and were grateful it turned out so nice.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby K is going to have a sibling....

That is right....no we are not making an announcement! But his birth mother is pregnant again! Really! I know I should be happy for the miracle of life again but I know what conditions this innocent fetus has to endure until he or she arrives and it makes me sick. (I am totally venting) but I think I can be upset. She gets to try all over again with this one and rumor on the street (literally the streets) is that since she could not get baby K she tried and tried to have another one. Ah! We are first in line that is if we decide we can/or want to do this all over again with her. I am not really sure how I feel about all of it but right now I am just really angry with her and all the decisions she is making.

He is the cutest thing! tonight we brought out some new summer PJ's and when I got him all dressed he got really excited because they are full of cars. Pointed to his belly (so proud of himself) and yelled "CARR." really sweet!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

what we have been up to...

enjoying the playground & sunshine

a quick bath after throwing up all over the car and then again his room when we got home! yum.

his new favorite word wow!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

an attempt at family pictures

mommy & baby
We had a beautiful day on Saturday so we grabbed the tripod and camera and headed to our favorite little park.

dad and baby
apparently we were not unique in our thinking because it was busy with brides, families and couples also taking pictures.

baby & daddy

family photo
we have hundreds that did not turn out but i think to get one or 2 that we like all on our own was pretty good.

mom & baby 2

mom & baby
plus we enjoyed the day and the baby loved running around!

blk & wht mom

a BIG boy!

I cannot believe that Baby K is 16 months this week. We are celebrating everything little thing but he is doing so many new things each day that it is hard to keep up.

blk & wht baby

He gives the best squeeze hugs ever! When daddy lays on the floor bobo will walk right over and give him hugs, kisses and pull up his shirt (he likes to play with daddy's hair)

Today he said a million times-"caar" in the window, he has stickers with cars, books over and over again. Some of his other new words are-yucky, ball, duck and many, many baby signs; all done, milk, thank you and bird!

baby walking

He waves bye, bye, does the actions to popcorn popping, monkeys jumping on the bed, and twinkle, twinkle little star. Music is his favorite.

It is really fun to see his little personality get bigger and bigger. He loves games like peekaboo and chase me. He is very social and LOVES other children.

His hair just keeps growing and getting curlier. We are not going to cut it just yet.excited face

We love his excited face! Ohhh!! cars, animals, babies he makes the best face.
His play has changed a lot since now he is practically running! All he wants to do is walk from room to room, pick up toys and have you chase him. And he will bring his favorite books to you. We love to sit with him and read a book together. Sometimes he will sit still for this others he will walk turn the page, move onto something else and then come back to turn the page again. Really cute.

We have spent more time outside now that spring is somewhat here but he hates to sit in the grass and really hates it when he has shorts on.

He is such a good eater. olives, goat cheese, sausage-he will eat anything.

baby alone

He is a great sleeper and are so grateful for that!

Visits right now are twice a week now and that makes for an easy schedule. We are loving it! He is our sweet, busy and active boy who brings joy and love into our home and lives. We are grateful to be parents to him right now.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter.....take #3

fatman chair
Baby K scored for Easter this year! and we just keep taking pictures and "pretending" it is Easter because we are either too busy or I dress him up like a little girl. So here is Easter again!!! We found this cute chair at an estate sale and cleaned it up. He loves to rock and read in it. He got a wood dump truck from Plan toys (we love them!).

closeup easterjpg

happy easter

baby in the grass

grandma sent a singing Easter chick that the baby loves! Good thing it has an on/off button. thanks grandma...He got books, easter candy, a neighbor gave us an antique chalk board. I am not sure what to do with it yet but I like it. And we tried hiding Easter eggs but he did not really understand. Next year!

easter egg