Thursday, June 30, 2011

better days ahead....

I love this little guy! I am so grateful actually that he has something real wrong with him. Both ears are infected and 2 of his molars are coming in; which means that he is not sleep much; he is taking lots of tylenol and we are all trying to survive the tantrums etc, until he gets better. Whine, whine!!! His black eye is looking better and he can see out of it now. I am glad that it is not the terrible 2's coming to stay. The doctor today thought I was crazy.

Monday, June 27, 2011


We headed to the market for veggies and fruit for the week and the service at RMH. Bobo got a flower from one of the venders. And we enjoyed another empanada! yum....


Saturday was a busy day! We scheduled to make dinner for the Ronald McDonald house which houses families who have loved ones in the hospital. They were packed so we cooked for 40 people. And we had a lot of help and really enjoyed cooking for others with others.


his hair is so big! and all that him.


The house was really homey and well decorated. We felt right at home and had everything we needed; even a play area for the baby. He would not play there without me, whined, cried and threw tantrums but we all survived. Plus it was great to chat with families and enjoy some good food. It were really glad to be able to make it happen.

summer time!!

On hot days we swim in the backyard. I put together a very funny video of this afternoon but Chris thinks a naked baby swimming is inappropriate for the web. so sorry!

Baby K is teething his molers. Which has been truly testing my patience. I know is this really note worthy but ah! I cannot walk out of the room without a full on tantrum. Baby K is not a crier either so you know it is a big deal when he is screaming. It has been non-stop for 2 weeks. He is not sleeping through the night any more and I am out of ideas. So tired.

In other news we got a call last week for a 26 month old little girl who needed a place to stay for a few weeks until her foster parents returned home. Chris and I were really excited to have a playmate for Baby K. At least for a few weeks. We were told she would come Monday so we had everything set up for her and last minute they called to say in fact, no she would be going home to her momma. Which is a good thing I know. But we were sad. Plus I am not sure that anyone was going to tell us. Chris called and called and finally got a hold of the caseworker just to comfirm her dropoff time and she then informed us oh no she will not be coming. Seriously, this is one of many reasons why normal people do not do foster care. So frustrating! I know for them it is a job but for us it becomes and well really is our life.

I felt awful but baby K somehow pulled a chair onto himself and now has a great big bump. Poor kid has had a rough few weeks.

Sunday I was asked to give a talk and it was my week to teach gospel doctrine. It was a really busy week of preparation and I was grateful for the time spent studying. My topic was desire. Which I really struggled with and I think that is why I learned so much. I am just glad it is all over and I enjoyed a long nap Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strawberry picking....

We found a local farm that has fruit throughout the season that you can pick. It was strawberry season so we picked 8 quarts for $16! What a deal. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time with our friends the Lynes family.

a few pictures!


This weekend marked the fourth wedding out of the six that we have before July is over. They are not the best for babies but this one was a little easier. It was particularly fun because we got to see Amber, my cousin from Omaha and her adorable family! Her kids are the cutest. How we did not end up with one picture of them I am not sure....but we had a great time. Plus it was a beautiful wedding!


Our good friends moved to Boston over the winter holiday and we have all missed them! Baby K and Adam have a special something, they always have... he screams and cries when anyone tries to separate them. We really should have gotten a video of that. I cannot put him in the car, feed him nothing unless Adam is right there. Silly kid! He just loves Adam!!

I mean! These 2...they are just too funny together.

We were so happy to see them and glad they could join us for a quick weekend. We stayed up way too late and played way too much but it was worth it. Great friends, great people and good times. I am determined to make it Boston before the summer is over.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

festival season in rochester

Rochester has a ton of festivals of many kinds. Chris' boss suggested one so we met her there to check it out. It was cute!

I love these next pictures! so funny-this is the local minor league baseball team's mascot.

and the baby's face when he actually saw him!

public market

Saturday was a busy day! We got plants at the public market as well as empanada! YUM! they are so good and I have been craving them for weeks.

We got our garden planted and a few other errands done around the house. We have a big to do list!


I am in full summer mode! I love it. It has been years since I felt like I had a summer off and I really am still working and just as busy but with the baby I am doing such fun summer things it feels like a real summer.

a little swimming...

more splash pads + parks....

lots of walks, runs, gardening and just hanging outside...

Friday, June 10, 2011

reading with dad!

The baby loves books! He is so sweet to carry book after, book and sit himself down for you to read to him. And if it is a favorite you will have to read it over and over. really cute!

And our iris plant exploded this year so we split it up and now have iris' all over the yard! fun.

Seneca Zoo

We had a great time at the local zoo this week, Chris was disappointed that we did not wait for him. (someone has to work). I was excited to see how the baby would react to the animals if really at all.

I saw alot of these faces throughout the day. He loved it, pointing at the animals and even making noises back and forth with a few. There was a monkey busy swinging and calling out so the baby joined right in. A women and her son walked up to see the monkey and she commented, "I thought all of that noise was from the monkey!"

We both loved this indoor viewing area (with AC) and we could watch the huge polar bears and the seals. They were really funny! Sorry for all the pictures but the baby loved running around inside.

a little girl was teasing the seals with keys, they would follow her all around. Baby K would just giggle and laugh. It was really cute.

The baby loved finding all the animals. Rhino, bald eagle, snakes, fish and birds! He knew lots of baby signs for animals and we both had a great time in the sun!

And the poor, tired baby in his new Pea Pod tent.

I told Chris I would sacrifice next time and he could take the baby all by himself since he missed out on all the fun.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Water Park

baby 5
we had such a great time with the tank at the water park. it took the baby a little to warm up but once he got the hang of it he could not be stopped. he cried when we left.

excited face

waterbaby 2jpg

water park
Just look at this face! Poor baby did not even have his cute new bathing suit since we had no idea they had this splat mat. It might be our new favorite park.

water baby

Sunday, June 5, 2011

a picnic


May was National Foster Care month and to celebrate the county threw a great picnic at the YMCA summer camp.


they had a DJ, catering, a playground, waterpark and many other activities for the older kids. It was really a fun celebration.



Baby K had a great time with the other babies and on the play ground.

playground 2

We are so grateful for our foster care network of support. What a blessing this entire experience has been for us.



Saturday, June 4, 2011


well the short of it is..."I am just not pregnant any more." We never really get all the details but that is what we know. No baby, no sibling.....

We are really just treading water because things have not really changed. The county is waiting to write the TPR until the neuropyshic evaluation is done so we just wait.

Visits are 4 times a week, one hour each and they seem to have little affect on the baby. I rarely even see bio mom.

feeding the ducks

we live just up the road from the bay which has boating access, fishing and lots of ducks.

baby K was so excited to chase them and feed them, plus it was a really nice evening!