Tuesday, December 27, 2011

feeding the reindeer

A classmate gave us "reindeer food" but we could not find time to feed them until after church on Sunday!

So here we are in our Sunday best outside feeding the reindeer. Isn't he just the cutest.

Nana sent the cute outfit and he bent the glasses all out of shape...cute!

a christmas program

They were dancing to Jingle Bell Rock. It was really cute. Baby K just danced and jumped all over stage. When they were done every one clapped and cheered! Baby K turned around saw everyone and started screaming, crying. Too funny!


we have yearly passes to the strong and heard that their evening with Santa was really fun. it was way busy and we waited too long to see a really cheesy fake looking santa. i would not recommend it. but it was worth a try.

and the reindeer ears! too much.

we do not let this little, busy man have much sugar but some good friends gave us a chocolate candy advent calendar. He loves it! yells candy!

And our Charlie Brown Christmas tree!! It has survived the babies! It is also potted so we plan on planting it in the spring. I like the idea of planting a tree rather than cutting it down!

Merry Christmas!

lights 2

We had so much fun getting ready for Christmas and had a very busy but fun holiday.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

we had to do it

This kid is really high maintance we have decided! after several doctors visits and one very, well really two very bad eye doctor experiences, we finally have these silly glasses. He does look so cute but after only 2 hours in the things they are already bent and do not sit straight. I am not sure how these will survive this 2 year old.

glasses outside

glasses outside 2

glasses outside 3

watch what you say!

After a particularly frustrating day in court we were talking about how stupid it all is while playing with the baby and he began singing through the house, "stupid, stupid, stupid!"

Chris drops the baby off at school on his way to work and one morning was running late, ran out the door and right before he got to daycare remembered he did not have his work badge to get in the door. "damn it" he said out loud and from the backseat repeated "damn it, damn it"

He will finally ride the horses on the carousel

Monday, December 12, 2011


I could not think of a title for all the pictures and stories of late so happenings....sounds good.

He will be 2 in January and every day we are surprised by what he does and says! lately we do a lot swimming in the tub since his swim class ended. He counted to 10 with Chris the other night going back and forth, back and forth. Some times I will hear him singing to himself while he plays, you can only pick out parts of songs like ABC, snowman or halloween-favorites lately.

He can now climb anything and loves to do it. It kills me every time he pulls the piano bench out by himself and is up there in a second, poking at the keys. He giggles, sings and some times even stands up to dance! Not only does he climb onto the dinning room chairs in a second but the table and then he reaches the light but he can also balance on the back of them. Which makes me crazy nervous he is going to push or pull it over on top of him-again!

Our neighbors have this huge blowup snowman in their front yard with candy canes, snowflake lights and all sorts of fun festive decorations. As soon as he gets home or it is evening he begs/yells to see that snowman! He sits in the window and just talks and sings to him.

This is such a great time of year to have a toddler. He is excited and animated about everything we see and do. It is really fun. We have several Christmas books, some about Jesus and a few about Santa and frosty the snowman. His favorite this week has been the Polar Express! Which is one of my favorites too. He will yell, "All aboard! choo, choo, Santa and elves throughout the book. We read it probably 8-10 times a day!

I have decided he will only be 2 for one Christmas so he can be sticky with candy canes and he can play with the xmas tree ornaments and other decorations because we did not put anything out that he could not break. We even found a plastic little people nativity that he can play with and he loves it. He kisses baby Jesus and mommy Mary. It is really cute.

In other news we had court about 2 weeks ago and not much happened except to announce that the surrender paperwork was not written and they would need more time. So December 21st. Ah! We have decided to hire an attorney to help with the wording of this document and make sure it is something we can all agree upon. But we do not have very high hopes that it will be written and signed on that date. I guess it is possible but not likely. It is a very interesting process but we are moving in that direction. Yeah! Huge blessing and we are thrilled.

We have a great amount of gratitude to Baby K's biomom and have seen how much love our father in heaven has for her throughout this whole process. It is also very interesting to see pieces of how His plan is unfolding. And we are reminded yet again (you'd think we'd have learned) that we are not in control and He does have a plan for each one of us. Trust, follow and submit.


I feel better when I am doing something/creating something with my hands. These are 2 of my favorites.

I love how this wreath turned out. My iphone picture distorted the colors which is my favorite part-red and more of a green/teal.

And a crayon melt! We have seen these all over and wanted to try to make one. I think we would do it differently if we make another but it was fun to try. And will be so cute hanging in a toddler's room. Again, sorry for the color distortion in the phone pic.

another birthday...

I have never been one for big parties or all the attention that b-days bring and the older I get the more b-days change for me. Not in a bad way they are just celebrated differently. It was a great day! We had church, I actually got a nap! We fed the sisters and Chris cooked a great meal! And then I opened presents.

Baby loves the birthday song and still makes me sing it to him over and over again. Which is good practice for his b-day coming soon. He was just so excited to help me blow out the candles and eat some of this cake. It is really great chocolate cake! Thanks hun for a relaxing and uneventful birthday. It was exactly what I needed!

Friday, December 2, 2011

a church party

family with Santa

Santa 2

Our ward had a great Christmas Party with 150+ people. We were able to see Santa, share some yummy food and enjoy a little program with songs, games and a short message.

children singing

Nana sent this adorable homemade Sunday outfit and we thought it was a good opportunity for him to wear it. We had lots of comments about him from ward members. He loves to be around other people and be where the things are happening.

big boy

Poor Chris was asked to MC for the event but baby K has been so attached to him lately that he would not leave his lap so Chris had to carry him and hold him while talking and keeping up with everything. It was a busy night!

There was not really a line when we went in to see Santa but people kept pushing in front of us and baby K was very excited! At one point he jumped down and ran right up to him. He came back very quickly! but I am glad that I had my phone out to catch this second in front of Santa.

We were all exhausted by the end.

December is a big month

As soon as Thanksgiving is over and December arrives the speed of things increase and we get so busy; parties, gifts, shopping and Santa. Which is fun in and of itself but I really want the baby to have memories of Christmas to be more about celebrating the birth of our Savior and not so much about Santa and toys. I do love December and the holidays but we are determined this year to really enjoy the peace and joy of this season.

One thing we decided would help is to make an advent calendar using my grandmas's wall hanging. We plan out and carry out one service/gift each day as well as a little scripture calendar of all the prophecies and events around Christ's birth. We are only a few days into December but it has brought a calming spirit to the holidays. And I think a different focus.

Everything about our Christmas decorations has to change this year. We still have yet to get a tree because of the babies and there business (the dog and baby K climb and jump off and onto everything now). We will find on that will work and it will be nice to have a few little ornaments out.


We have so much to be thankful for this year! It was also a great Thanksgiving with good friends and family.

eatingThanksgiving 2011 002

Can you tell we all just ate a lot of food? Baby was already sleeping and we did not even take a picture of the group together. Everything was really good though.

These 2 have always had a special something! Adam taught baby boyo some great new things like, "you wanta wrestle! elbow and knuckles" We shared a few of those talents on Sunday in nursery. yeah! They had a great time together.

sunset daddy

we just love these friends-we enjoyed some football, shopping (black friday crowds shopping), salon visits! last minute photoshoots and late nights talking. It was really fun break and we were glad the Lynes drove all the way from tennessee to hang with us.

I mean how cute are they!!sunset