Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 course Italian Dinner

Chris made the most amazing Italian Dinner on Sunday. We had some friends over and he went ALL out. It was a lot of fun. We used great uncle's china.......and our favorite table cloth from san gimignano.

7 people.....5 courses

bread & St. Andre soft cheese

carrots, tomatoes, almonds and rondelle cheese

pesto lasagna (my favorite)

stuffed pork tenderloins with apple slices & Gorgonzola cheese


Paint projects...

I finally found a desk for myself that will fit into the small space that we have and that i like (it is unique). I found it at the local VOA that has some great donations. It was not too cheap but it was much cheaper than a new one and it is like no one else's. I like that. Of course I had to make it my own and paint it though. We forgot to get a before shot but it was the 80's brown stain.

This is the work in progress shot....

don't you like my laundry in the back ground...sorry.

This is a window frame that i picked up off of the side of the road. I made chris turn around because there was a man putting a pile of them out on the curb. I was so embarrassed and felt the flash backs from my childhood come as I realized how much I am like my mother. She used to do this sometimes and we would hide in the back of the van. I know that is awful!
In antique stores these windows are expensive.
When I asked the man if I could have the windows he looked at me really funny and said "yeah, I also have a vacuum and some old wood. do you want those." How embarrassing!.....he thought I was soo weird.

I have big plans for this ugly little window + if it does not work I did not lose any money. We will see.

finished project pictures soon.....

we have to get ready for the parents to come next week for a visit. we are so excited!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

more & more doctors......

Lately we feel like we are keeping the doctors in rochester in business.

This was #6 of the weird throat thing....

We spent wednesday evening at the ER with the throat thing that Chris does every now and then. This time though it happened within two months from the last one. I am a little worried but the doctors all have different opinions about what to do and what it is. Ah!
They tried lots of things this time and it was the worst it has ever been-very painful.

At one point they gave Chris Valium through his IV. And wow! Talk about loopy land. He was soo funny. He started quoting Dumb and Dumber--"ski's uh!" and then he was out and sleeping.

I needed Becky to make me laugh!

We got home at 4:30 am.

Then Thursday Chris had an appointment for his knee.
Friday, Chris had an MRI.

(none of this includes ALL of my doctors and that is times 10)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

a three month addiction...

I love cadbury eggs! Now that they are "in season" I have to eat as many as I can because there will be a time when I cannot buy them at the store. They are just so good and addicting....

They did make Christmas colored eggs the past two years so the season has been extended.


we love our colorful living room.

after much debate...we decided on these pillows. here are a few pictures of the living room. chris really likes green.

the fireplace has been really fun this winter and reading books on the couch is the best! we are finally after 8 months settling into our house.

the red quilt hanging on the ladder was made by my grandma durrant for our wedding, our piano was given to us by the packer grandparents in logan, utah and we have several favorite pictures on the mantel and wall from Italy, Africa, Brazil, our early married years and favorite spots in NY-the city, Palmyra, Niagara on the lake and others.

Surprisingly, chris is very particular about the house, colors and decor. it is cute! I wanted to put up wallpaper but i have not won that discussion.......yet!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Chriser-Happy Birthday!

He will hate me for saying thirty something.

I cannot believe a year has gone by-30 was a big one and we had a great time last year. This year was pretty low key which I think we are fine with! It was a busy day with work & church meetings.

But we also enjoyed

savoia is our favorite little italian bakery just up the street. it is fabulous and so old school...

Hot wings + cheese cake upon request...


(i am just as excited as chris is for this present because we have so many plans for the house and projects for him to start/complete)


anyway-happy birthday are the best!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

house projects..

we painted our bedroom a few weeks ago and finally feel like it is all coming together. we love the colors, the chandelier, our painted furniture, the huge window out back (not that the gray skies and dead grass is all that pretty) and have added a few fabulous antique finds here and there. we are missing a few things we really want but we will add them as we find them. i think it will be ongoing. it feels more like home.

we love it!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I have really liked my stylist and salon but they have both moved-so now what? i have no time, little money and my natural highlights-grays were beginning to really show. i needed some color! i have tried twice to color my own hair. once an old roommate asked if she could help me fix it....but after finding a coupon and the same brand name on sale i decided it was worth the $6.99 to try it!

plus just like the box says no appointment necessary!!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

frugal never felt so good..

Everyone is talking about the economy, their jobs, saving money....... As much as chris and i feel secure in our life-we are hearing more and more stories of families being affected. we had not been living on a budget. we always had enough money for what we wanted, paying bills and we were saving so we were not too worried about it.

Mom and dad have always taught us to make good decision when it came to money but in light of the state of the economy we recently made some changes and when we did look over the numbers we were shocked to find out where most of our money was going! I mean shocked! It was very eye opening. This is old news for most of you but it has been life changing for us and I am so grateful that we are building a strong foundation for our family based on principles of the gospel.

creative with food lately...

We started the first of January to take money out each week and pay for groceries with cash and have in one month saved hundreds. Simply because we were not paying attention. Now it is kinda like a game to see how low we can keep our grocery bill. As well as how low we can keep our spending each week. It is really empowering and uplifting. We will be debt free by the end of the year. Minus the student loans and mortgage but that is huge for us! It has been great to make plans for a new kitchen and bathroom and be able to pay for it in cash. Trips and furniture, the list goes on. It is just so much better to know that we will pay for it right off and not have to worry about the payments for months or years later.

A great budget book and debt free living guide is by dave ramsey called the total money make over! It will change how you live and how you think about money. I would high recommend it and you can probably find it at most libraries.

At one point he told a story of a family who at the end of each month they could not tell where all their money went and wondered how they could be working and earning so much and still not have enough. They said they are "telling their money were to go rather than their money tell them where it went." I really like that.

We have tried coupons the last few weeks and are wondering if it is worth buying the Sunday paper to cut them. I do not have much experience with coupons and would love to hear where people get them and suggestions on organizing and keeping track of them. It sounds so overwhelming-please share your favorite sites and other money saving ideas! It is really a wonderful feeling to take charge and plan well.

It is a testament to me that our prophet knows exactly what he is talking about when he teaches about provident living, food storage and family life. I am so grateful for the guidance and safety that we learn from the Lord. The scripture comes to mind "if ye are prepared ye shall not fear." and the provident living principles from the church have all come back into my mind. What a great time to live!