Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Capo loves to get his hands into messes so we decided we should let him try that out with paint.


He played with the paint in his fingers and crawled over the canvas.



here it is and now it hangs in his room!





we are enjoying our last few weeks of summer and warm weather!


it is great to be outside! capo is definitely an observer and loves to watch people, trees, cars anything. he will just sit outside and watch!


at first he hated being on the grass and the feel of it. now he crawls all over every once in a while pushing his knees off the ground so they do not touch whatever it is he is crawling over.




the bubbles have been so funny because he usually just sits and looks at them.


Monday, August 30, 2010

take me out to the ball game!

My Photo Strip baseball
I got free tickets to a local baseball game! It was such a fun night out with co-workers and the baby. He was so excited about all the noises, people and lights.


And we enjoyed some yummy treats-crepes! and popcorn. fun times!


the seats did fill up we just got there early.


capo even took a nap through the noise and crowds! too cute.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

a day at the temple


I was so grateful that we could spend the day at the temple!IMG_2662
Chris was able to join the GVB for their baptismal trip and even work on some really special family names.


And capo and I got to enjoy the sun, the sights and the peace of the temple grounds for a while. IMG_2595


I look back on our first two years here and we often think that it was the time we spent volunteering in the temple every friday that really helped us survive.IMG_2665
I have a strong testimony of the temple being the House of Lord and I am so grateful that we live so close. When life gets crazy I know where I can turn for peace and solace.


Baby striking a pose!



temple 2

temple 3



i have loved these designs and fabrics for years! And one of my favorite toys are these rattles that I made with bells inside.


i made three; red, blue and this green


lotta jansdotter has other materials and different patterns. plus i love her bags!


this baby makes my day!

babby hipsta 2

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

7 months

really how does this happen that he is closer to a year than not! he is such a big boy with a big personality. i love it when strangers come up and comment on him. it is so funny! some people will say things like your baby has a great tan. right! we spray tan like toddlers and tiaras! or what a beautiful baby girl. really he is in all blue? but i do love that when people comment on his gorgeous smile or dimples i can without being too prideful say yes he is beautiful!


at 7 months capo is crawling backward, in circles and now on August 24th he has figured out how to crawl forward. which has opened up a whole new world to this monkey! and he is a monkey!! no more are his toys any fun because he can reach the garbage or the dishwasher. why would he want to play with his book when the tv cabinet looks much better! our house is not baby proof...yet!


at 7 months he loves to make lots of noise-screams, giggles, coos and of course gurgles. so funny.


he will sit in my lap for books at night and loves to look at pictures, touch the pages and flip it around. even eat it at times. he loves his bath time book and fabric books best. and has been introduced to bubbles he is not sure about them yet. oh! and is terified of elmo which i am not too disappointed about.

baby hipsta

capo loves any kind of baby food and for about a week he refused to take a bottle until he got some of his favorite baby food; bananas, or any kind of fruit. i guess he knew there was something better.


he sleeps well but not always through the night! which is hard to go back to blocks of sleep. and it is getting more difficult to put him down because he will fight the sleepiness to see and do and crawl. he now sleeps on his stomach even after us rolling him over and over. several times we have come into his room after hearing small whimpers to find him kneeling with his head down and half asleep not sure how he got into this position but too tired to figure his way out!

baby is getting sweeter each month. now that he crawls he will follow me around and reach for me or grab at my ankles. i love it when he throws his head back and laughs out loud and with a deep belly laugh. i melt. or when he will take a turn singing me a song after i sing one. he can suck you into those dark eyes and he loves to copy our mouth movements.


this was a frustrating month because he wanted to touch and reach for everything but he does not have the gross motor skills to move or control his body the way he wants. i am sure he will be less whinny but things for me will get more complicated as i try to keep up with him.

still no teeth but he chews on everything. he has found a girlfriend at daycare. they try and hold hands and love to sit next to each other. he loves other babies in general but i think those baby girl bows and colors are just so fun!


he surprises me everyday with the things that he is doing! after a nap one after noon i could hear him making noise so I walked in and he had figured out how to pull up on the side of the crib.


I love that he is getting some chub on him! the better to squeeze him with! at 7 months weighing in at 18 lbs 3 oz!! we have a baby scale at home.


he has the longest and darkest lashes ever. I am so jealous.

Friday, August 20, 2010

small + simple

I am loving the small everyday things that we share together.

The noises that capo makes when he eats...mmmm...and the lip smacking! then the mouth opens for more baby food as he climbs up my leg. so cute!

he is so sweet. he reaches for me or daddy and when he is awake in his crib he just grins when you come to get him. he smiles and laughs even when he is trying to finish his bottle.

i love it when he is really tired because he giggles at everything even when I look at him. And he will give me a side way grin as he falls asleep. The other day he was so tired and I was making kissy faces and he was coping my kisses. I just melted!

at church today he was so loud i had to go into the hallway. I could not hear the speakers over his coos. chris said he could still hear him from the front of the building when we were in the hallway. he is the only child in our branch so it is quiet but he is just so loud.

I love it when he laughs at my singing (and i am hoping it is only because he is happy and not that my singing is horrible)

He has not figured out how to crawl forward yet, only pushes backward and in circles. so funny! This is so frustrating for him because he wants things and cannot reach them. I love play time with him. He wiggles and rolls, falls and reaches for everything. it is hard to keep up. i love trying to change his diaper because if this kid is awake he is moving.

I love it when we put him down because he will just lock eyes with you and baby talk or giggle. he is just so sweet! and even though he is not a snuggler he loves to be near us.

smiley baby

Monday, August 16, 2010

girls camp

we had a great young women's camp at seneca lake again this year! the girls are wonderful and they leaders are so fun.


we had rain, we had heat and humidity, it was cold all in one week!


the amazing race-team 7


for me a highlight were the bishops skits! i will not post them but i do have videos if there is ever a need for blackmail. there was singing, earrings, dresses and even a little dancing!


i am grateful for the chance to go even for a few days this year! i am grateful for a supportive husband, a flexible job and a baby who is happy no matter where he is!!