Sunday, July 31, 2011

18 months

Marks the beginning of many things...many changes. reading a book

He is talking so much and imitating everything we say, even phrases. Good and bad! He loves to learn Italian; bacio, ciao, via, andiamo. He says cow, dog, cat, bye bye, nite nite, wow, car, bus, love you and many animal sounds.

The only thing he will sit still for is a book and has many favorites. He is now running every where and is very physically active; climbing couches and stairs. One of his favorite things to do is pull objects out of cabinets, boxes and drawers. And then put them back in. He loves to pull tp off the roll and splish, splash in the tub!

He is the sweetest baby. He gives hugs, kisses and snuggles often. His smile is so contagious and giggle is even better. We play chase often; he will smile, laugh and then run toward you, fall into your arms laughing.


This summer has been so great outdoors, splashpads, sprinklers and swimming pools. He loves all kinds of fruit and eats pretty much anything else. One of my favorite things is his love of music. He will sing old macdonald had a farm. (E-I-E-I-O) and loves to do the motions to many others like twinkle twinkle little star and the wheels on the bus.

I also love that he gets so excited to meet new people especially babies or kids. He is a little overwhelming and loud to some but he gets like a little puppy excited to see new people. Very social!

big boy

We have this little fire truck with lights and buttons you can push that make siren sounds and say different phrases. Chris taught him to make the walkie-talkie noise and put his hand over his mouth. It is the funniest thing! He will push the button and do it over and over again.

Baby K is moving up to the big boy room at daycare and he will now be in a nursery class at church; which is so wonderful for me. I can now be present at church and hear something other than the baby. He is sweet but busy, busy boy especially in church. Anyway, it is really nice to have some time in church again!

The federal law for foster care states that after so much time in care the termination of parental rights (TPR) will be written. If we go to trial though it could take over 3 years. We hope we will not have to go to trial. But things are moving forward ever so slowly....we will try to be patient. It is easier at times than others.

We love this age and could not be happier to have baby K in our family right now!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Louis Lake visit

4 wheeler

We decided very last minute to drive to the lodge and Wyoming. Our extended family was there for a reunion and we were excited to see everyone and spend even a few hours in Wyoming.

Louis Lake faerber

LL baby + daddy

It was great to see the lake, the lodge, family and even enjoy a little taste of Lander.

louis lake

The Faerber Family at the Lodge.

monkey love

this little guy is just so funny! he keeps us laughing all day every day with his smile, his giggle and his playful nature. ah. we love him.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

jet setting

We had a great vacation with family all over the state of Utah and then Wyoming. It was fast and furious but we saw everyone on the Packer side and all the family on the Faerber side; plus aunts, uncles and cousins at the Lodge. It has been a hard week back to life and reality!!
Chicago has this great museum they call it for kids. Really just an indoor play area but it was great for baby K to run around and he was tired out for the long plane ride to Utah.
blck white airport
Baby K did really well on the flights overall but the last one has really hard for everyone. We had been traveling for days and we had a really long flight earlier that day. We boarded the plane with no air conditioning and sat there for 45 minutes. Miserable! We moved to the flight pad and they then informed us that we could not take off because of thunderstorms. So we sat there for an hour. This flight total was supposed to take 40 minutes. An hour and half later; the baby slept the entire time; the Pilate suddenly and loudly announced that we could go and he took off fast! The noise and the movement woke up the baby and he was not happy and cried/screamed until we were at cruising altitude. There was a lady sitting in front of us who talked non stopped, very loudly so we knew everything about her life. She was so mad that the baby was crying! (he cried for probably 15 minutes, maybe 20) in the entire 2 hour flight that was horrible for everyone. She seriously threw a tantrum!! She made loud comments like, "put a bottle in that baby's mouth" and put her fingers in her ears, turned around to give us dirty looks and then she began to curse and yell. Finally she stomped her feet and stormed up the isle for another seat. It was actually a big scene that we can laugh about now because she just embarrassed herself; but it did not help anything!

sleeping on the plane

this was the baby's entertainment in the car with all the driving!

Sammy singing the wheels on the bus in the car!

We are home though and recovering. Tons of pictures to come.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a little carnival


carnival 2

Wednesday evening we both came home feeling antsy to get our vacation started. Since we would not be leaving yet we found a little carnival to escape to instead. We got there early before all the high schoolers arrived and enjoyed a few games, a snow cone and a beautiful evening out!



all 3

carnival 1

I had my phone in the pocket of the stroller and when we got home (I am so bad about keeping track of it) much later, the baby was asleep; I was packing, I could not find it any where! I searched the car, the stroller, both bags. It was gone. Chris called it several times. And nothing! I was sick because I had already water drenched one iphone and now I completely lost it. Chris called it again and someone answered. We were so blessed that someone honest had found it and was willing to meet us right away to return. They would not take our "reward" either. She had even sent me a facebook message and called a mutual friend we had to try and find me. I am so grateful that we were able to get it back. 013

carnival 3

This was such a fun evening.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


1st time bowling....

bowling family copy

baby bowling 2

We had a great time bowling with friends and baby K did really well chasing bowling balls and even bowling a little himself. And we were the only ones in the entire place. Of course Packers won! Thanks Chris (I am not a very competitive person). It was great to get out and spend some time with friends.

baby bowling

stony brook state park...

black& white

Baby K's mom has been missing visits so Saturday we took off for a little rode trip down to Stony Brook State Park. It is so beautiful and the weather was just perfect for a watery hike! We had the best time and on our way home commented on how few weekends we have had free between foster care, church and callings.


I love this picture. I feel like it captures baby K's faces and personality. So cute.


the trail follows the river along waterfalls, slides and pools.


As we were swimming people kept commenting on baby K and his excitement in the water. The water was cold enough it was taking my breath away a little but that did not stop baby! He dipped his face in and kicked and splashed in the water. He was not afraid of the waterfall or the rocks. Such a silly boy!


it was a great trail and there were not too many people.


The baby kicked up rocks and jumped in puddles. We had a great day and really needed that break. It was nice to just jump in the car and drive away. In face when we got home we realized we had left the garage door open and it had been that way all day. Good thing we have a safe neighborhood because the door was unlocked into the house. Ah! silly.


baby K loved the pack again this year and feel asleep on the walk home!




The YSA (young single adult) had a gathering for pizza before the pageant began!


baby K loved these little cute! they played peek-a-boo and tag for over an hour.




It was a really late night. Baby K survived but he was really, really tired. He fell asleep on the way home. cute baby!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i love this baby boy

tonight we had this little boy in rolls of giggles. i love it when he runs away, comes back and falls into you wanting you to tickle him again.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

photos from the phone....

extras from the weekend

check out that smile from the baby....

so sweet! dadda & bobo

wow-it is hard to get pictures of a busy baby....

we are so grateful for all those (and their families) who serve our country and all that we enjoy because of their sacrifices. hope everyone had a great 4th of july!