Tuesday, January 31, 2012

birthday pictures


balloons 3


balloons 4

He does not sit still for a second even with Chris distracting him I barely got a clear picture. But it is fun to have them documented. Even now I look back and think how different he looks. We have finally cut his hair and oh my goodness it was long! And his glasses ah! What a cutie.

He is a big boy!

birthday boy

We have a 2 year old! What!! I cannot believe where this year went but it has been a good one and he has changed and grown and learned so much this last year. And we are so grateful he is still with us and look forward to many other birthdays!

birthday 2 pancake

the morning of his birthday I made pancakes and we sang happy birthday with a candle. We have been practicing this song and he was excited to sing it and blow out the candle.


I made his cake again this year and I think it turned out ok except for his red face that started to melt off. I am still not sure what happened to it because everything else lasted and stayed in place. ? Oh well. He was not a huge fan anyway! He never likes desserts anyway but was pretty funny with Elmo and played with his face and the candle. It was cute!

grandparents know him really well and sent some great gifts; books, a train whistle (which he pretends he can whistle-he loves it) and we got him more thomas the train sets. He was very excited to open presents and was a good sport while I tried to take pictures. It was a really fun day. Happy 2nd birthday little man!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Both baby K and I love the Strong and try to go once a week. There is so much to do and see. Every time we go there we see something new. He just runs and wears himself as well as me! This 2 year old thing is not for weaklings!!

The fish tanks are very cool!

He now wants to ride on the horses and gets mad if we do not! He was sacred just a few months ago and screamed the whole time.

sorting chicken eggs!

Mission accomplished!

very little winter

This year has been very mild compared to any other winter we have spent here in upstate NY. And I am not complaininig!

I was however excited to make a snowman in our yard since it is one of baby K's favorite things. But it not there will always be next year.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

a few more Christmas things

the garden factory! this was such a fun place around christmas time.

They have a huge train set, a very cute Santa, a petting zoo, carnival rides, shopping, crafts and carnival rides. They had rows and rows of poinsettas. We did not get a picture with that cute Santa because baby K was really, really not feeling it but maybe next year.

We are already making plans for next Christmas. This year was really fun and next year will be even more packed and more exciting. One thing we will avoid is the Strong Museum of play, yuck! The Santa was really kinda scary and just bad! We waited for 2 hours to see him and not worth it.

We really enjoyed many family traditions this year and will keep some and change a few others. Plus it will be even more exciting because we are going to be in Wyoming. But we will have to make time for a few things around here, definitely the Garden Factory.

some of our favorite things....

baby K has always loved helping me clean-i guess he really is my son! But his favorite is the vaccum it is one thing he will cry over if you do not let him have it. Funny!

Now that he can see the baby LOVES to watch a few things-Elmo, Toy story, Cars (especially Mater, now you know that he is really Chris' son!) and Nemo. It is really very funny! We are not big TV watchers so we are limited in our selections.

And he is in love with all things Woody right now. We have had this doll for about a year and he has played with him time to time but now it is all about the cowboy things! Rides, horses, etc.

sorry this one is so blurry! the kid is fast! i kinda like it though....

we watch toy story with woody!

we sleep with woody!

And lastly all things dinosaurs! we bought this little guy at the children's museum and he goes everywhere with him. dinner, car rides and we stomp him around grawling at all kinds of things. He is such a big boy!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

a family christmas

natal 1

all in our PJ's and enjoying the day! Merry Christmas!!

a dump of pictures....

christmas day

christmas day 1

christmas day 3



natal 2

natal 6

x-mas eve!

xmas eve 7

we love the Polar Express and it was really fun to read again together before we went to bed.

xmas eve 6

I thought a fun way to involve baby K in the reading of Luke 2 was to make little pictures he could color and look at while Chris read. In my mind I thought it would keep him still and quiet for 3-5 minutes. He loved running and waving them around the room, yelling while Chris tried to read the scriptures. Not the best plan but he was cute and enjoying himself a lot!

xmas eve 3

xmas eve 4

We opened Christmas PJ's from Grandma-go Packers!!

xmas eve 2

and ate a really yummy meal with the Sister missionaries! What a great way to spend the holidays.

xmas eve

Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas fun! (a month late)

We love Elmo around here and auntie erica sent this little laughing one!

this was the baby's big toy for the year and man he is obsessed with it! He wants to play with choo, choo trains all the time. dog + baby christmas

piper even got a few fun treats! if you look really close you can see a candy cane dog treat.

and candy for breakfast! It was a really good Christmas.

family traditions

my mom makes the best sugar cookies in the world. we tried to recreate this tradition but ours were not as good. perhaps part of the problem is not being at home with her and making them. the baby however had a great time decorating these cookies.

sugar cookies 2

sugar cookies


look at the concentration on this kid's face. this is serious business!

Christmas lights

We tried to do a little photo shoot with the baby and Christmas lights. It is funny as much as you plan and try to create a picture, the best pictures are the moments that just happen.

lights 1

It is hard with an active 2 year old who does not stay still for a second!