Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the end of summer

Right now it is still in the upper 70's so it does not feel like fall is coming. But we really excited for all that autumn brings. One thing is a SUPER grandma/nana visit in less than 2 weeks. We are all really, really excited for that.

It is so nice to be out more and enjoying the weather. This is a hike by the lake we were enjoying until baby flipped a switch and was just done! We got out of there fast. Then baby K and I ran a 5K for the house of Mercy. Wonderful organization to support. And once again we did not run it together. That has been the plan for a years now but for one reason or another we always have something else to do that day. This year Chris volunteered to help out with the cleanup in Owego for a day because of all the floods they have received lately. It was quite the experience! He said entire streets of homes were being almost gutted because the water, mud and other yucky brown stuff had covered the basement and first floors of their homes. Most people do not care flood insurance so what could you do. Thousands of $ worth of damage. Their crew worked on a couples home who are in their 90's. It was disgusting, hard work. And he is a good man to have taken a whole day away to go and help. We are grateful for the church here who not only helps each other but so many others throughout the area.

Last week was a really difficult week and then with Chris gone all day Saturday. I was really grateful for the RS Broadcast that evening. I made our favorite chocolate chip pumpkin cookies for the event and left a few at home for Chris. It was such a good message that I really needed to hear and a wonderful reminder of our power and influence as women.

Monday, September 26, 2011

a little catch up

ward picnic
We are getting settled into our new ward now that Chris has officially been released. It has been wonderful to have nursery, be involved in new things and meet new people. The ward is busy with activities, needs and opportunities- this picture was from our ward picnic and there is a campout next week. It is great, of course a transition in all things but we will get settled and enjoy it.

We are loving all the huge veggies from our garden this fall. Tomatoes (roma, heirloom and garden), cucumbers, green peppers, strawberries, squash and jalapeno peppers. then Basil and peppermint from the herbs. Yummy! We were both surprised at how well the little garden worked and are making plans for a much larger one next year. Still learning a lot but enjoying it.

And we have been wearing our rainboots since this has been the wettest month of the year. Baby K is pretty cute in his little shoes-he loves to call out "march, march" when he wears them because they make a fun sound on the hardwood floors as we leave.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

enjoying the museum

We purchased a year pass for the Strong Museum of Play and are enjoying our little afternoons or mornings there. We are all things Elmo these days. There are also all these great events like cookies with Santa and Clifford appearances! It will be great during the winter.

And Chris met us over lunch and took baby K on the tiny train. I love his face in this one. Poor Chris but they are cute together.

Baby K also started swim class again which he loves! It was really cute watching him giggle, splash and play. He loved it.

home projects

We are reupholstering this little vintage chair we picked up from an antique store. And I cannot believe how well the fabric we found matches everything in the living room. It has some great bones. I will posted an update soon. wreath whole

I love these paper roses and fabric wreaths. This was just some herringbone I had left over in the piles of fabric that I have. I like the winter look even though it is flowery. home projects
Chris and I needed something to hold our firewood inside the house. I was seeing all these great storage boxes at places like restoration hardware so at a local estate sale we snagged 2 of them. They both needed some repairs and then we added the casters. We talked about painting something on the side but there was nothing appropriate for this one. Maybe we will for the baby's book box. We'll see. I like it though, simple, stable and different.

This has been in the works for months but it is the baby's growth chart. I wanted to have something simple and I love how it turned out. We still need to hang it in the baby's room and mark it with all of the heights. I am glad we decided to make it ourselves.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chimney bluffs at Sodus Bay

on the beach



Saturday's are usually taken by visits with bio mom and then recover from those visits but last Saturday we heard early that there would be no visit. I told Chris we should make a list of things we would like to do and then when this happens (it is happening a lot lately) we could just choose one and jump in the car. We were wanting to do a hike outside and decided Chimney Bluff state park was not too far and would some thing totally different in the area. It was really so beautiful.


The pictures of course do not do the view justice partly because they are just pictures but also because the day was so hot and humid that it almost looked steamy. You could see the heat in the air and horizon. We were all exhausted by the time we got home. It was a great day trip despite the heat.


images from our boston trip

Boston 3

Boston 4

Boston 5

Boston 12

Boston 11

Boston USS

Boston 10

Boston 7

Boston 1

Sunday, September 18, 2011

they will one day be good friends....

and we are moving in that direction.

I know this picture is really unclear but I like it. It shows how well these 2 are getting along these days. It has been a rough transition for all of us to say the least. I am losing my patience.
But baby K has been so funny with Piper these last few days.

At one of the visits with bio mom and the worker last week they were coloring pictures and one had a picture of a dog on it. The worker said they could not figure out what he was saying. He was calling for Piper! So cute!! NOTE: the way he says piper is like a french accent (pypeh) so no wonder they could not understand him. Also they did not know the puppy's name.

Friday when leaving for his visit I was putting Piper in her bed and saying good bye. He came right over said bye, bye Piper (in his french accent) and gave her a big kiss right on her face. That was a big step forward.

They have been playing better together and baby K knows how to interact now on his own without jumping in my lap or wanting me to carry him every where. It has made things much easier and I hope it just keeps getting better.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011