Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I think we are obsessed


One day he might not be too happy that we took this picture but it is a really cute little bummie! Jessie and I took a ton of crazy pictures this weekend. We laughed and laughed trying to take this one.

Monday, February 22, 2010

growing cheeks

We are starting to see some rolls and bigger cheeks. What a cute kid. And he is so happy. We also enjoyed a fun visit from Auntie Jessie from Ohio. It was so nice to have her; it was great to chat, plus we got a little cleaning done and a little cooking and just held this little guy. A lot. It was fun and we appreciate her driving all those hours leaving her family at home without a car. Silly girl!! It was great.

that is right little sleep and no makeup looking great!

Last night he slept in 4 hour blocks. Yeah! We are sleeping a little bit more.

Guess who picked this outfit out...chris is so excited to buy some balls and play catch with this little one. Soon enough.

what a sweetheart.

Today we had our first visit with mom. That was difficult for everyone involved but it will only get easier and we will get into a routine with this. I think it was hard because she is not just someone out there but now we have met her, we will get to know her better and she is really going to be a part of his life as well as our own. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for taking care of him. That was really nice.

I have the week off and will head back to work part time next week. This will be one more adjustment but it will be two weeks this Wednesday since he has been with us-what! Lots of changes and fast.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

love, love, love


we love this little guy so much!!
he is just so sweet.
sweet, sweet face.


Chris and I both finally feel at peace yesterday and today about whatever happens tomorrow with the hearing. We are also feeling so truly grateful for the love and support from so many people. Chris' co-workers sent home a gift card today from 27 people with the total amount being hundreds of dollars. Really! That is so generous! And the food just keeps coming. So sweet! We got a package from "the grandmas" soooo cute! and Ams and the boys-thanks so much guys...we love you.
Of course all of this makes me cry and often!! You would think I was hormonal or something.
And we know that so many others who are not close are praying and thinking of us. Thank you so much!

Monday, February 15, 2010

smiley baby!!

smiling 2
Happy Valentine"s day to us!! Seriously-look at those dimples. He is only 4 weeks old. He is so alert, he looks at you so deep that you just cannot take your eyes away, he smiles when you talk to him and i swear he was giggling at me the other night.

We have taken him all over with our busy schedules and he has been such a trouper-do not worry though Chris is very protective...YW basketball, the Valentine's Dance with both stakes, 4th Ward YW which can be exciting at times, the GVB-branch and our Musical fireside for V-day!
sitting up

lisa + captain
We are so happy and enjoy all the spitups, mustard, green diapers, late nights and early mornings and all the stuff that babies need when you have to go somewhere. He is just a mild tempered baby.
dad + baby
two stories i want to remember...
one of our YW who was adopted from the Ukraine came to the b-ball game and the dance and than was at the 4th ward. she asked lots of questions and was really excited for us. She has had her fair share of challenges and been in and out of centers recently. She came up to me yesterday with a big hug and said "in our family prayers last night we prayed that you would be able to keep baby capo. I know Heavenly Father will take care of him."

Friday on my way home from work I stopped by a little boutique down the street that just opened and has baby slings because even at 7 lbs carrying capo is killing my back! The store owner is very helpful and has 3 children of her own. So I was asking her all kinds of questions because they also have cloth diapers which I would love but chris is not on board yet....Anyway she asked how old the baby was and I said 4 weeks and she looked at my stomach and up to me again and said "WOW--you look amazing! 4 weeks you bounced right back!" And I said nothing but thanks....ah! I could use the complement now and than. Too funny!

in an hour


Last Wednesday we got a placement from fostercare; a four week old baby boy...who has many nicknames now but we mostly call him captain!

We are in love!! How could we not be look at that face. He is just so sweet.

Chris wrote the whole story-his version -on his blog.

Since than we have just been surrounded with love, service, calls from home, advice, gifts, food!! balloons, cute clothes and so many prayers. Which we appreciate more than anyone could know.

I sit and think about his situation sometimes and it amazes me that our heavenly father loves each of us so much. this child has been through a lot in 4 weeks...what was i doing 4 weeks ago? And that is how long he has been on the earth. I am so grateful for the love that I feel not just toward him but overall. I am grateful for the kindness of others and the lessons that I am learning and have yet to learn. I am grateful for guidance when I am scared and unsure.

I do not know the outcome of this situation and I am fearful of that. But my doubts and fears are overshadowed by love and faith.

For now we are just enjoying and taking in every minute with this sweet, sweet baby boy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 years + 7 moves...

February is a big month for Chris and I...it is Valentine's Day but also our anniversary month so we usually plan a trip or vacation of some kind. It is fun to make plans for February because it is such a cold gray month in Rochester. It made me think of years past and what we did for anniversaries and where we lived. So here we go..... 6 years and 7 moves!

Ah! This is where it all began. in a converted garage, with a park in the backyard and within walking distance of BYU campus. How cute!

900 east and center street in Provo, Utah. Poor Chris had an hour + commute to work from this tiny apartment but we were happy. We enjoyed movies in the loft where you could barely sit up and loved the silly, crazy group of single ladies next door. They were actually quite dumb.

Next was the sowell's beautiful house on osmond lane. I graduated from college there, we enjoyed a place for family to come and visit, hosted many dinners and enjoyed the views of Provo.


That was a sad, sad day to say goodbye. I cried and cried as I walked into our new house to find dirty dishes in the sink and food still on the kitchen table! Ah! We loved our few months in trhe sowell homeand very much appreciated their generosity and letting us house sit.

900 east

Before we left for graduate school, we house sat at this little place. same ward, off of 900 east. we painted, planted flowers, had a garage sale and tried to dream of what Rochester was like since we had never seen or visited there.

Imperial South was our first apartment in Rochester. We moved here sight unseen and were very pleased with the management and neighbors, especially old Leo who sat and watched us carry all of our boxes in as he asked questions about the agriculture of wyoming. It was close to school and so clean. We stayed there until we graduated-two years later. But we did enjoy moving within the same complex because our sublease came up and there was an opening for a two bedroom just on the corner. Ah! Another move.

Elmwood Ave

We met our very favorite people in the whole world right across the street...the gardner family. chris and i feel in love with their 2 now 3 little kiddos. We were right around the corner from the stake center which was super convenient. Plus Highland Park was just up the street -the sight of many walks, runs and the Lilac Festival every year.

Webster, NY
Chris got a job out in Webster at Xerox so I quit mine and he enjoyed a 5 minute travel with lunches at home often! That last about a year and a half and we found our house.


Irondequoit, NY

Our first home and we moved in almost two years ago. And I plan to be here longer than any other--please!!! Except I think I am the one who gets the itch to move on and do something new.