Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the babies

cousins at BL

we have some cute kids in this family!

baby K at BL

P + baby K

T + trains

activities at the lake...

This was a perfect location and house for all of us to spread out and enjoy all kinds of different activities. We watched tv and movies in the theater room, sat in the sauna as well as the steam room, went sailing on the new boat, played in the kayaks or on the beach. The house had a climbing wall in the basement, a ping pong table and some toys. We needed more days to do all the things available right at the house. It was so fun!

swimming at BL
swimming in the lake

erica + baby

sparklers at BL

more sparklers and glow sticks


catching frogs, butterflies and anything else the boys could find

painted faces

beautiful maya

Jess brought a face painting book and we all had fun! how cute are the girls...

painted faces

even the boys got in on the action and went to town

boyos painted face

Bear Lake Faerber 2011 Faerber Family Reunion

This was our second Faerber Family Reunion. I think Amy should be in charge of all the renions. This house was so nice and perfect for everyone.

View from the porch with dad's new sail boat in the background

family photo at BL

the whole group! I think it turned out great with all the kids and adults.

pack fam bear lake

packer fam...we lived in our bathing suits. very fun!

mom and baby at the lake

most of the day was spent at the beach or in the water

blk + whte bada
daddy is so funny!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

packer ranch time....

I am not even sure where to start with all we did on vacation which is why these have taken me a month to slap together and here I am just going to put some pictures out there because it was just too fun to write all about the details. sorry!

ranch 4
the whole gang
ranch 3
the those cute babies

ranch 2

lots of book reading from all the grandma's

ranch 5

the baldies

ranch 8

the hikes.....

hiking family at the ranch

and more hikes...


and a few fireworks since we had zero in NY

ranch 10

And the cousin love!! ah...these K kids were just so great. half the time i did not even know where baby K was because I knew they were playing hard and having fun. Baby K just loved his cousins. they were so good to him; singing old macDonald over and over again, letting him have toys and books and letting him tag along. they were so great! Just check out that face.

cousins at the ranch

I still have so many pictures to go through that I have not even looked at them in a week. It makes me sad and I want to be back there with family and on vacation. Ah! It was just so wonderful.

Monday, August 1, 2011

one of the greatest men

ranch 11

Grandpa Foote is a wonderful partiarch for his family. He is such a hard worker, writes family histories, runs, serves and still does so much for his family and community. He makes us want to be better people and work harder. And we were so grateful we could travel to see both grandma and grandpa. Plus so sweet to have baby K meet the two of them. Chris was able to spend an afternoon helping grandpa on the computer, with his geneology work as well as a new recorder for blessings. These were sweet moments that we are grateful to have shared with them.


I am not sure what else to call these feelings that I am having right now except that I am very unmotivated. And I hate it! We are overall busy but I actually have some time on my hands right now and have so many things that I would like to be doing but somehow I just find myself not doing them. And I think the worst part for me is that I cannot figure out what it is that is keeping me from changing it. Depression or anxiety, summer time schedules, stage of life with an active toddler, all the many changes right now or maybe in some areas lack of changes (like in our court case)......I am just not "doing" much these days. And perhaps I just need to adjust my to do list. It might be enough right now that baby K and I (+ chris) are fed, showered and able to survive this August heat without driving each other crazy. Which would be a good way to spend time; together and happy but I am just feeling unfulfilled. And I cannot figure it out!

scenes from the ranch...

sunset at the ranch


ranch 6

ranch 7

Chris and I were commenting after leaving that this place is (I know really cheesy) but sacred. Grandpa and his family worked this land, bled on this property and struggled to remain faithful and steadfast. It is sweet to have this place still in the family and be able to enjoy it with family! And we love that still we can share time together with our family.