Thursday, August 28, 2008

What have you done with my name?

Youth Conference at Zion's Camp

We camped at the hill cumorah-those poor temple missionaries had to listen to us up late into the night.

Friday we decorate t-shirts, enjoyed a bonfire with a message and of course smores. As well as a fun folk dance lesson from the Porters. Late Friday night a small group from Canada arrived around midnight to set up camp. They were very excited to be there and our youth were very excited to meet them!

Saturday was a long day! We started out early with a sunrise study in the sacred grove, breakfast and then a service project. The kids had free time to watch the Joseph Smith movie, play sports or finish their T-shirts. We then cleaned up, packed up and headed to the stake center for a keynote speaker; Elder and Sister Pinegar. They were great speakers! Then workshops, a temple walk and back for a testimony meeting. Then finished with dinner and a dance.

I learned a lot this weekend about "names" and taking upon us the name of Christ. I am grateful for the youth and their testimonies. I am grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and the comfort that it brings. And most of all grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who strengthens me when I feel like I can do no more! This gospel is true. Matt 11:28-30.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

are they really worth it??

Chris posted this yesterday and I thought it was pretty funny! It is a good thing we can laugh about it so much!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FHE packer style

We had a branch FHE at our house Monday. It was really fun and we had a great turn out. So Chris planned it and carried it out I was just the busy bee behind it all. So the theme of the evening was The Packer Paper Olympics. In the spirit of the Beijing Olympics right now. So we had a mix of games/events that each team participated in; discus-paper plates, javaline-straws and then he had some people do it backwards or with the opposite hand they normally use. It was really funny! For the message he focused on the Tree of Life and the plan that our Heavenly Father has for each of us. So it was kinda like the games of life and how each of us have different trials that we endure on earth. He talked about the mists of darkness and the rod of iron. There were some really good comments made and the spirit was great! It was a lot of fun!

more home improvments..

I always wanted a red door but this one was not working well...It started out pink, then hot pink and now it is fire engine red but I think we like it still. And the black shutters look much better. I think I am driving Chris crazy with all my ideas. Nothing to big yet just a little work.....

I love you! Thanks for working so hard to make me happy.

Friday, August 22, 2008


We stayed up really late the other night watching the US women's beach volleyball team win the Gold for the second year. They were undefeated! It was a really great game and so fun to watch them pound the ball. When asked at the end of it all what they wanted to do next both talked about having children and wanting to be moms and raise up the generation of future gold medalists. Fun to watch! They are inspiring women.

my new obession...

Last week I went to my salon and instead of a hair cut or color I got a facial. It was the most relaxing thing ever. It was the nicest spa I have ever been to; slippers, drinks, lows lights, and soft music. I would die to go every week if only I had the time and

The products they use are called dermalogica and after a week of samples my skin feels much better. I went back this week and bought the line. It is fabulous and I have loved it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a few little finds

I have done a little more shopping lately and love all these new items. Mom, you will appreciate the wreath on the wall. It now hangs in our entryway. We love it! Thank you.

speaking of wallpaper....

I cannot convince Chris that it is not something of the past and that really, really wallpaper is cool. But he is not giving in. I am obsessed though. I brought a book home with a few samples the other day and he found one that he likes but is not convinced we will put it on our walls. AH!

So here is what I like just not the right color. I did not want more blue but a little more teal/turquoise. What do you think?

It is like fabric on the walls and everyone knows how much I love fabric. I will convince him some how.

a little NOOK

This fabulous little shop in Pittsford has all kinds of great finds. I love their wallpaper but that is another blog. It is just too painfully hip!

I went to just check it out recommended by a friend but I came home with this....


The flowers were beautiful of course.

I love the stain glass windows at the Palmyra temple.

Isn't he the cutest!

It was nice to go with the branch this Saturday to do baptisms. I was overwhelmed with the sense of service that we offered that day and the joy of those we were doing the work for. It is always great to share that with friends.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

something more than white


So we finally finished the painting project in the living room. Yeah no more white walls every where at least in the living room. It feels great to make this house our home! Thanks mom & tina we could not have done it without you. I am not sure the picture does it justice but we love it!

New Projects!

We had this tiny table place behine the couch when you walk into the living room it looked ridiculous because it was too small. Monday night for FHE we spent the night shopping for a new table and could not find one without glass and the things we liked. Tuesday Chris emails with this one listed on Craig's List. You have to love that site. He was so excited about it he went on his lunch break to see it and bought it on the spot. It was definetly in our budget. Way to go honey!


We could not agree on what should be on the mantle! It seems like an easy thing to do right. No! It has taken us days of rearranging and several shopping trips for me. I am not complaining though. I think we are ok with this for now. I am sure we will continue to change and add to it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Camping with the Stars

So we got back Saturday from YW High Adventure and through a series of events it was really late-exhausted. Sunday was typically long... and we headed for Girls Camp. We were combined with Buffalo this year so things have really been complicated in the details and the plans. But it all came together and it was a great camp.
Where do I even begin. There is so much that happens at camp-some planned and so many other things unplanned. There is drama and illness and accidents. It was eventful! We spent one entire evening and around $100 at the laundry mat washing every piece of clothing two cabins had because two girls had head lice! AH! I was itching for hours.
Certification groups!
Rochester Stake Games: Faith Factor
Fireside about the polar star

Our happy campers! oh how I love them.

The Beaver's family was kind enough to drive their ice cream truck down for everyone to enjoy. I love ice cream but this was heaven.
Lehi's Dream of the tree of life
I think for me this was the highlight of the week. I was standing at the end by the tree greeting the leaders and yw as they came to the tree. It was really powerful to watch their reactions as they stepped around the corner and saw the light and the trees and their leaders dressed in white. I hugged them and welcomed them by name. Then I spoke (short & sweet since it was so dark I could not see my notes) then we ended with a testimony meeting where almost the entire stake of yw bore testimony! The spirit was great.
I got home around 1:00 am to sleep a few hours and head to work. Good stuff...

High Adventure 2008

Life has been seriously hectic! I am not sure it could get any busier and that I could be any more exhausted! I should never say such things but it is crazy! All great things though.

The trip started a little crazy with our other driver being late and a YW named Jodie left at Walmart but we finally got on our way with everyone and everything. This was a lot of work and a lot of preparation.

Jodie at Wally World! Ah! I was so nervous she would not be there when we arrived. She looked a like a runaway with her backpack and sleeping bag or a homeless child. It was funny.

We setup camp and started our long hike of the trip. 5 miles with 12 young women it was exciting and beautiful!

For lunch we stopped to paint and enjoy the waterfalls. Chris was so nervous that one of the girls would trip and fall right off the side.

Chris is hard at work-no really he was the biggest help and I could not have done it without him! Love you!

This is our whole group besides Chris and President Wozniak. Camera shy I guess...

Day 2

We spent the day rafting and hiking but I have absolutely no pictures of this day. Maybe when we compile all the pictures for a cd I will post some. It was a fabulous day. We played in the waterfalls and slid down the rocks into some really cool natural pools. The rapids were small and the rocks were huge but it was a great team building experience.

Day 3

Ropes Course!

This was interesting. I have climbed before but never right up a really straight tree. I was so impressed with the girls and by the time we started the second route I was dead! Old, fat, combination of no sleep and days of running? that all played a factor but I was done! The girls really encouraged on another and enjoyed the experience.

Group shot! So cute.