Monday, October 27, 2008

crafty, craft

We made the "monkey wrench" square this last week. It was great to learn tips on sewing triangles and putting it all together. It has been really fun to take this class and meet new people.

It is now starting to look like something. I can see the pattern coming together. I love the colors of the Amy Butler fabric and have some left over to do something with?

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melissa said...

SO CUTE, LISA!!!! It's cute pink and green things like this that make me wish I were having a girl... But seriously, I'm totally ok with a boy. PROMISE. Girl stuff is just cuter!!! And you've inspired me. I really want to make a quilt now. Do you think it something I could do just by looking at your pics? Or is there serious potential for me to botch it all up? LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!