Friday, January 23, 2009

well someone should have told me..

I want to blog about our trip home but there is so much to write so I am slowing finding time to complete it.
In the mean time....Thursday I had a meeting with the Stake Council and I just happen to see it on the calendar but had not written it into my own so I quickly got ready and headed over to the church being just a few minutes late. The door was open and I just marched right in and found an empty seat. There were only a few people there but they were all people I know well. They had already began so I just listened to try and catch up. Someone mumbled a hello and on the meeting went. The conversation began with canning, food storage and then the bishops store house and then moved on to the addiction recovery program. Great items but a little strange for the council to talk about. Anyway, they finished all the items on the agenda and we began to wrap up. I thought ok! Strange but I guess I did not add anything to the agenda ahead of time so we would not have items to talk about anyway. Then President Hutchings looked to me and asked "Lisa, what are you doing here anyway?"
What? Ok first thought...we have a stake council meeting scheduled so I should be here and I know I checked the time. Second, then if I was wrong why did no one tell me otherwise. I sat for 45 minutes and no one even commented. "Lisa, this is the stake welfare meeting. Hey clueless we started ealier"..That would have been helpful. Instead no one said anything to me????
So I sat there the entire time wondering what we were talking about and then after the whole thing they tell me that the stake council meeting started at 7:00 and ended early because no one knew about it and the message was mixed up....Ah! At least I was not the only one that got mixed up we got several emails after when the notes went out that people did not know. But ah my goodness how silly. How embarrassing...

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