Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 years + 7 moves...

February is a big month for Chris and is Valentine's Day but also our anniversary month so we usually plan a trip or vacation of some kind. It is fun to make plans for February because it is such a cold gray month in Rochester. It made me think of years past and what we did for anniversaries and where we lived. So here we go..... 6 years and 7 moves!

Ah! This is where it all began. in a converted garage, with a park in the backyard and within walking distance of BYU campus. How cute!

900 east and center street in Provo, Utah. Poor Chris had an hour + commute to work from this tiny apartment but we were happy. We enjoyed movies in the loft where you could barely sit up and loved the silly, crazy group of single ladies next door. They were actually quite dumb.

Next was the sowell's beautiful house on osmond lane. I graduated from college there, we enjoyed a place for family to come and visit, hosted many dinners and enjoyed the views of Provo.


That was a sad, sad day to say goodbye. I cried and cried as I walked into our new house to find dirty dishes in the sink and food still on the kitchen table! Ah! We loved our few months in trhe sowell homeand very much appreciated their generosity and letting us house sit.

900 east

Before we left for graduate school, we house sat at this little place. same ward, off of 900 east. we painted, planted flowers, had a garage sale and tried to dream of what Rochester was like since we had never seen or visited there.

Imperial South was our first apartment in Rochester. We moved here sight unseen and were very pleased with the management and neighbors, especially old Leo who sat and watched us carry all of our boxes in as he asked questions about the agriculture of wyoming. It was close to school and so clean. We stayed there until we graduated-two years later. But we did enjoy moving within the same complex because our sublease came up and there was an opening for a two bedroom just on the corner. Ah! Another move.

Elmwood Ave

We met our very favorite people in the whole world right across the street...the gardner family. chris and i feel in love with their 2 now 3 little kiddos. We were right around the corner from the stake center which was super convenient. Plus Highland Park was just up the street -the sight of many walks, runs and the Lilac Festival every year.

Webster, NY
Chris got a job out in Webster at Xerox so I quit mine and he enjoyed a 5 minute travel with lunches at home often! That last about a year and a half and we found our house.


Irondequoit, NY

Our first home and we moved in almost two years ago. And I plan to be here longer than any other--please!!! Except I think I am the one who gets the itch to move on and do something new.


Jared-n-Krystal said...

Congrats on another anniversary! Thanks for sharing all the photos of where you lived. It is always fun to think back and laugh...especially about the places that are different from where you are now. I am so glad you guys have a little home of your own...homeownership is so much fun! Marriage is so much fun! Congrats again on 6 years!

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary! One nice thing about moving so often is that it provides the opportunity to go through and get rid of stuff, thus keeping the amount of junk down.

Jodie said...

Okay, seriously just cried when I read this post. You are our favorite people too! We miss you a ton. One of these days illness will leave our house and we'll have you over. We love you!

D.B. said...

I was just saying to Bridgette the other day that I wish we had taken a picture of all of the places we have lived. Nice compilation.