Thursday, April 16, 2009

really blessed

mom + i bought fun fabric when she was here to do some sewing projects together but never made it to this one...burp cloths..chris had a meeting tonight so i needed a fun relaxing project-the two were done before 30 rock started! very easy...thanks mom..

she got the best fabric for a baby though-crazy oranges-very fun!

these will be a cute gift for a baby girl....

Chris and I have seen amazing blessings in the last several weeks. I am not sure why blessings come when they do. It most definitely is not from being deserving but simply the great mercies of our Heavenly Father. They are simple things and nothing life changing and probably seem minute. But it shows me that our Father has a plan for us and I know that his hand is in my life. We feel overwhelmed with love and true gratitude.

It just does not make sense any other way!

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Jodie said...

Of course you are deserving of your blessings. Love the burp cloths. I am glad you had a great visit with your parents. Can't wait to see you both!