Thursday, August 26, 2010



i have loved these designs and fabrics for years! And one of my favorite toys are these rattles that I made with bells inside.


i made three; red, blue and this green


lotta jansdotter has other materials and different patterns. plus i love her bags!



Michelle said...

hi lisa. chris's friend michelle here. just stalking you, letting you know that if we lived in the same place, I would make you be my best friend. :) seriously, all your sewing happiness (including lotta today), it's like ME writing a blog post. :)

I just re-read that and it sounds super weird and real-stalking-like. :) hopefully chris will be able to smooth feathers and tell you that I'm not a crazy person (unless you mean crazy-about-fabric). :)

peace out :)

Blue Skies said...

Those baby rattles are so cute -- if I ever have a baby, you will have to show me how to make them!!