Friday, April 29, 2011

um, an easter baby girl.....

easter girl

Chris hates!! hates this outfit. And when taking pictures of him in it, I will admit. He looks like a little girl. Sorry!

Easter girl 2

My mom will love this little outfit and I think I still do but maybe it is the white collar but it is girlie. It is a blue plaid romper outfit. I have to post these and one day we will make fun of a teenage boy who people often think is a girl. And we have the pictures to prove it.

flower baby

easter basket girl

Happy Easter!


D.B. said...

sorry Lisa, I agree w/ Chris, it looks like a dress. I think you like it because of your taste for historical things, back in the day I think the collar and all was very in, like in the late 1800's early 1900's, but even then they looked like girls! lol

Jodie said...

I love you!! And yes, it is girlie. I had an awesome Easter sweater vest for Nate that had a duck on it. Brent refused. We can't win them all. LOL

The South Family said...

Must be all those years here in Alabama, because you see boys in them all the time. We saw a boy in Claire's class at church(mind you she is 5) that was wearing something similar with long hair. Eric and I had to take a double look to make sure he really was a boy:)

Steve said...

Burn it and the pictures before the kid grows up and moves in with Grandpa in Wyoming to get away.

Love ya all,
Steve / dad / grandpa