Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween-ward party!

This was a great ward party-a chili cook off and a trunk or treat! We were nervous because baby threw a fit each time we brought his costume out but he was so distracted by everyone that we just slipped him right into it.

One of my favorite child's books..Where the Wild Things Are. I thought everyone grew up with this book but some many people had no idea who he was. um?!


Baby Halloween 2

A co-worker gave baby K this bubble sword "sorre" as he calls it; and he LOVES it. Carries it all over the place. I meant to paint it gold but close enough.

mom & baby Halloween

happy baby Halloween

Halloween 2011 daddy and baby

upclose Halloween 2011

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Blue Skies said...

I love that -- Jameson knew who he was right off the bat!