Wednesday, April 4, 2012

oh good times...

Our court date was pushed back again. May 7th! oh the joys. I think it has been really good to be so busy and consumed with Primary because I am going a little nuts.


I still cannot believe this happened to me....we are still laughing about it!

Last week we went to the zoo and then had lunch before a visit so when we got to the center I had to pee like crazy and he needed a changed diaper. They have a really nice play area with toys and even a TV which they usually play fun movies on as well as a bathroom right next to the waiting room and security desk etc. anyway, I quickly changed the baby and sat down to go, pants down in the middle of the action, baby K decides he is done waiting and flings open the locked door! I am still not sure how he did that but he was gone playing with toys in seconds. And I without thinking mind you, stood up to close the door! Since I was exposed for all the van drivers, secretaries and security guards to see. In the process of doing this (without thinking part) I peed all over the floor and shoes and pants on my way to the door. ah! It was a long walk. How awful!! When I finally got cleaned up and came out the room and waiting room were empty. I think everyone was embarrassed for me! What can you do!! but laugh.


He makes me laugh so hard every day! I love it...and well lets be honest sometimes he makes me cry too! He is very expressive with his little cubby fingers. This picture captures it, too cute.

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