Monday, July 16, 2012

our miracle

I am not sure how to sum things up but here goes!
It is hard to put into words everything that has happened these last few months. We knew since October of 2011 that we would be going to trial for the termination of birth moms rights. After changing judges and all the spinning of wheels and waiting we began the trial with our 2nd judge back! The social workers tried to warn us about the process of trial but they only tell you what they have experienced. And the judge ordered and scheduled 3-4 trials dates a week. With Niomi and Kevin's visit schedule-8 a week and trial I was not sure how we were going to do this. No possible way! So something had to give or several somethings.
Funny how the spirit prepares you but I had been preparing to leave work and so this is what had to give! And we jumped right into trial...long, tedious and very detailed! Days of testimony, dates, reviewing notes and long hours of waiting around the court room. It was the hardest thing in our life to sit and relive the events that have taken place over the last 2 1/2 years. Well-maybe worse was learning new events that occured to our baby that we were unaware of...yuck! We heard witnesses testifying about birth moms body odor in detail and life style choices and exact quotes about her struggles. In public, in front of everyone. Argh! It was really difficult to endure. Day after day, week after week!  
We could not have endured this without the help of so many people especially Jodie our dear friend. Because she put her life on hold to watch our babies, to get them ready for visits, to help them endure as well. How indebted we are forever and ever!! There were many dates that I had to go by myself. Sounds silly but that was stressful. Making conversation with Sarah for hours while we waited. Her talking about having her baby home and all the things they would do together. And how badly she wants him and how hard she worked to get him back. No fun! Several of these dates Sarah had some major breakdowns! Hitting her head against the wall, screaming, crying and falling on the ground. Over the years we have gotten to know Sarah really well and care for her-she is the mother our child. And the struggle she went through was really hard to watch. Mentally she is more like an 8 year old so to process all these things was really challening for her.  
After 6 weeksof trial and 6 weeks with Niomi we got word that Niomi would be leaving to live with her Aunt so Chris decided to go to the court without me. We figured it would be a typical court date. I had both kids and Niomi had a visit later in the morning but Chris called to tell me to run down to court. Sarah had talked with her counselor and calmly declared she would surrender! I got Niomi ready and made sure visitation could keep her until we finished in court. We ran down to court and after 30 minutes of paperwork and reading through all the details of agreement it was over. Sarah was emotional but proud of herself for making a decision! It was a miracle that things ended this calmly and that Sarah was stable. There is no other way that things could have ended any more perfectly! a miracle!  


Jolee B. said...

Lisa, this is great! He is so cute and I'm so glad that things went so smoothly at the end... a miracle indeed! :)

Yvette said...

So so happy for you, sweetie! What a blessing after your faith has been tried for so many years.

Linds said...

I'm so happy for you guys and Kevin! What a blessing!