Friday, September 7, 2012

and though he be but little, he is fierce ~shakespeare

As we progress through the adoption process which has been a process but it is moving forward, we have been given more information and background on the family and the history. This week we had our homestudy, we already did one before he even came but there has to be another one for the adoption. Anyway, we were given a 3 inch stack of copied files from his medical history which has all the doctors handwritten and typed notes. And it made me happy to know more about our little man. Amazing right! That just the smallest details about his life make me so amazingly happy. He was born at 4:29 AM and was actually 2 weeks over due weighing in as 5 lbs 2 oz and 18 inches long. We had never know the truth about any of this but to see it written from the hospital makes it real.
There were 4 weeks of his life that we were never sure how he survived living with his birth mom and seeing some of the nurses home visits and SW notes about those weeks were really hard to read. Their concerns, observations and conversations with bio mom. It is just even more clear that he is our miracle baby and we are so so excited that our adoption and sealing are going to happen and maybe within the next 2 months!! And so extremely grateful that he is with us and that we have him in our lives.

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