Monday, September 8, 2008

a little slice of home

For labor day chriser & I decided to run away. we had so many things going on and really wanted a break from callings, the house and work. so we took a little "staycation" to Spencer, NY. At a little B&B on the Finger Lakes. It was a fabulous little place that was quiet, had great breakfast, a hot tub outside; where we watched the sunset and everything for a relaxing weekend.
The area is really fun and full of state parks all around the lake with beautiful hikes and waterfalls. The lake was full of sail boats that entire weekend. Also there are wineries all up and down both sides of the lake with great grape juice, pies and cheese. I loved all the many antiques malls and shops. It was a great weekend and so relaxing!


Amy Bartlett said...

I am so jealous! I would love to run away to such a perfect place. Glad you were able to go!! Love, Amy

Kosek Landing said...

Hey Lisa...I found you on Tracy's blog. Where are you living? Your house is so cute. I've enjoyed catching up with you on your blog. Check us out as kosekcasa Kim :)