Thursday, September 11, 2008


It is Fashion week!!! You have to love the fabulous colors and patterns for 2009. It makes me excited for spring even though we are just starting fall. (

I am in love with Project Runway. Who isn't these days but when it is Wednesday night Chris can't even ask me a question. It is the one show I really look forward to watching. I have missed the past three weeks and was surprised last night to see who was "out."

This little number however deserved to go. It really was horrible. I think someone said it was like the model was pooping fabric, and that she was wearing granny panties.
Chris just does not understand my love. It makes my heart happy! Evening the pooping fabric outfit. ah! love it!


The South Family said...

I love project runway too. Last season was my first to watch. Now I can't get enough. Eric thinks Im crazy too!

Eric and Jessi said...

I just wish I had fashion sense :( I try, I'm just destin to be plain...