Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sodus Point

We took a few hours on Saturday and enjoyed the beautiful fall leaves. Did I mention that I love this time of year? We went to Sodus Bay. There is a light house overlooking the lake that has been there since the late 1800's. Along the way we found pumpkin patches, farmers markets, corn fields, apple orchards and grape vines.

It was a very clear day with a bright blue sky. With that it meant that it was a very cold day!! I was not prepared for those tempatures however, it was a much needed break before our Barn Dance and busy Sunday! Sorry for all the pictures.

I think my eyes are open in this picture but I am not sure! So cute...yek!

This is the view from our living room. And we have watched this tree go from green to yellow to bright orange. It is so beautiful!
I love the combination of the painted pumpkins.


The South Family said...

I love all the pictures you took! You have a real talent. And you guys look so happy!

D.B. said...

thats cool you still have leaves, i wanted to take pics on our walk today, they are pretty much all on the ground

Daisy said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing. I love the contrast of the leaves in the last one against the blue sky.