Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little too early...

No! Never. It is never too early to start decorating. I am so excited Christmas is weeks away. I think because we get to decorate our own house and it will be our first x-mas in it. We have no time off to travel since we played too much this summer. Plus traveling home for the holidays is so hard in the winter. We are already making plans for a summer trip.

We had such a great time on Friday cutting our own tree. There is this really cute little Christmas tree farm in Webster called Wilbert's, and it is family owned and operated. It looks like the middle of the night in these pictures but it was 6:30pm.

So this is it... our perfect tree.

After setting up the tree we could not resist unpacking all the decorations and hours later with x-mas music playing we were still not done. But loving it! We will have to post a done picture when we get everything out and up!

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Amber said...

That is so fun that you have your own house to decorate. I don't think it is ever too early to decorate.