Thursday, January 8, 2009

simply me

100 things about me...

I thought this was a great idea that I got from another blog. I really enjoyed doing this. I think everyone should do it! It is a great way to learn bits and pieces about each other. Thank you for your inspiration.

1. I have a hard time making decisions
2. I have to sleep with a fan on no matter what time of the year it is
3. I love shopping and the thrill of buying something new
4. I have chocolate every day
5. I love fabric even if I have nothing to make with it
6. I lack self confidence
7. I care what other people think
8. I am trying to teach myself to play the piano
9. I try to live my life without regrets
10. I want to travel the world
11. I hate being late HATE
12. I desperately want to be a mother
13. I enjoy any occasion to get dressed up
14. I can talk to my husband for hours and hours
15. I would love to get some kind of graduate degree or be in school forever if I could afford it. The problem is I cannot choose only one area. Art, OT, MFT, photography, medicine, human development
16. I love to be organized
17. I need to be creative for my sanity
18. I want to be understood and heard
19. I love getting homemade gifts
20. I have two favorite colors; red and black
21. I have a hard time forgiving myself
22. I would have a hard time without my religion
23. I love wildflowers
24. I enjoy working out but have a hard time finding time for it
25. I enjoy being in a small group just talking
26. I have several junk drawers and piles of papers under my bed
27. I am obsessed with smells and have candles and wall flowers all over the house
28. I am very self conscience about my appearance
29. I am really bad at keeping house plants alive
30. I could eat ice cream everyday
31. I love photography but cannot afford a great lens…yet!
32. I love child’s books
33. I love chips and French fries
34. I enjoy watching movies
35. My love languages are acts of service and small touches
36. I love high heels and dress shoes
37. I have no musical talents and wish I did
38. Fall is my favorite time of year
39. My mission was the best and worst experience of my life
40. I feel inspired when I think of families and others
41. I want to do philanthropy work the rest of my life
42. I love plays and musicals
43. I wish I could be more easy going
44. I am not a morning person but like getting up and going
45. I am obsessed with lotion and put it on several times a day
46. I worry
47. I love my calling but feel highly unqualified and stretched beyond my comfort
48. I love hydrangeas
49. Sometimes people think I am snobby but I am actually really shy when I feel uncomfortable or meet new people
50. I want to serve a mission with my husband
51. I am very stubborn
52. I love music and it can change my mood
53. I love my job and work hard to be better at it
54. I wish I could see my gifts and talents
55. I am an artist, watercolors are my favorite
56. I love books
57. I enjoy cooking and grocery shopping with my husband
58. I love looking through magazines
59. I want to be an interior designer
60. I love learner new things
61. I like being alone
62. I take bubble baths almost every day
63. I wish I was better at communicating
64. I want to serve in the temple again
65. I know what I like
66. I am never satisfied with where I am
67. I make lists of things I want to do and have to do
68. I enjoy checking things off that list
69. I want to adopt
70. I love the smell of the earth after it rains
71. I have a good life
72. I am hyper aware of my flaws
73. I am fascinated with art and history
74. I have become a home body and did not used to be
75. I enjoy getting mail even emails
76. I like blogging so I can reflect on the aspects of my life and feel like I am recording them
77. I love being inspired
78. I love our quirky little branch
79. I watch stupid tv shows and enjoy it
80. I feel renewed after being out of doors
81. I hate washing dishes
82. I love shopping online
83. I hate money and wish I did not have to worry about it
84. I like working on my own
85. I used to be a dancer
86. I do not have a best friend
87. I get really nervous when I have to speak in public
88. I love fashion but am not good at dressing myself
89. I feel very blessed
90. I cry on a monthly basis
91. I enjoy learning about new cultures
92. I make new goals every year
93. I am really bad at math
94. I have lived in Utah, Wyoming, Alabama and NY
95. I love Italy and could live there (if only I knew Italian)
96. I enjoy silence
97. I love the YW program and know I need to be there a second time to learn what I did not the first time
98. I was always embarrassed to sing out loud until I met Chris
99. I have learned so much about myself being married
100. I feel so grateful for the life and husband that I have


Gabriella said...

I loved reading that Lisa, it was actually quite amazing how similar you and I are. I also have to have a fan on when sleeping, and take baths daily, ...and the list could go on and on. Thanks for sharing that! I've always looked up to you ever since I was little.

We'll have to plan a trip out that way sometime, Matt has never been to New York and I would love to go back!

Cyndi said...

This was so fun to read. I love how honest and wonderful you are.

You are so creative.

Happy New Year

Louis Lake said...

What a great blog! So fun to read. I'm glad you learned some things from parents - like - a real christmas tree is the only tree -- shoveling snow is an art form -- childrens books are cool -- what not to wear -- and, a love for the outdoors.

Thanks Lisa! I learned a lot about you. And I love you - see you next week!