Monday, April 20, 2009

easter came and went

i love cadbury eggs and chris got me at least a months supply of them so that is ALL that i wanted for easter. we talked about dying eggs just for potato salad the week after but with parents here, chris speaking on easter sunday and having the elders over for dinner we never got around to it.

it was actually nice to celebrate easter without all the commercial items. we had time to talk about the blessings of the gospel and the peace that the resurrection brings to our lives. even though we celebrate this occasion every sunday at church i enjoyed a day of focus on the savior's life and sacrifice.

Happy Easter!

This is our easter bunny i finished right before easter. he is a little crazy but was so fun to make. i got the idea from a book called softies. they have really cute ideas!

Chris is working really hard in the back yard to get our patchy grass to grow. it is so nice to green grass and color all around. It is slowly becoming spring! we cannot wait to lay in the hammock, barbeque and plant new flower beds, maybe even a garden this year but we are quickly running out of time. plus i know nothing about it but we would love tomatoes, some herbs and pumpkins. it will be great to try.

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Becky said...

Oh Lisa I went and looked at the "softies" site! How fun! Your bunny is so funky and, well, soft looking!. Becky