Monday, September 21, 2009

182nd Anniversary

Saturday we spent a beautiful morning here at the temple as well as here at the sacred grove.
i really take it for granted that we live so close to both!
I love our little temple. We just finished our stake temple days this last week so we had an amazing time with many of our youth and a great time on Saturday with a large session. Not only are our temple missionaries getting ready to leave but our temple presidency is about to be released. Our adoptive grandparents are among those going home and I am so sad to say goodbye. I know they are excited and will enjoy being home with their true families. They have helped us feel at home and as if we really have family here in the east.

I do not always think about Joseph Smith and the first vision when I think of the blessings of the gospel in my life. I taught many people about those two things in Brazil and I know that they are true. I knew then just the same as I do now. It has not changed but the amazing thing is we are creating so many memories here. We visit them often and talk more often about the impact it has had on our lives. Youth Conferences, sacraments and special own knowledge of the godhead and the Lord's gospel on the earth has been increased. I am truly grateful and blessed for that first vision and so appreciate the time that I can spend in these amazing places.

Sunday was our annual Sacrament at the Hill....and it just so happens that we were also celebrating 182 years.
182 years since Joseph Smith received the plates from the angel Moroni.

after fabulous talks by the hill we enjoyed a huge spread of food with 100+ people. that was a huge amount of white and red hots. yummy!
What a cute apron~thanks becky....somehow chris still managed to get ketchup on his tie and grease on his white shirt?? mysterious...
it was a beautiful fall day and a very fun weekend....i pulled out all of our fall decorations on saturday night and now the house looks like it as well.

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Linds said...

Oh how fun! I miss the sites so much. I can't wait to go back and visit. It was such an amazing place to serve my mission.