Monday, September 14, 2009

a little feisty?

Chris has been describing me for years as FEISTY....what kind of a personality description or compliment as he calls it is that? I do not see myself as opinionated, determined and fiery.

I do however think marriage is like a mirror where we can see ourselves in true form. We can reflect the good things we do, the not so good things and see ourselves in all our selfish glory.

I should just claim it and live up to it. But no~I still think I am kinda awkward, shy and quiet. Perhaps only with Chris am I feisty and fiery......poor thing I put him through a lot. And he handles it all so well. I am also a planner and an organizer but recently I have had to let go of some of those tendency and just trust that the Lord is leading and guiding us. Faith. I think I have it until I need it and then I find myself lacking.
I am loving the pioneer woman...such fun ideas and photos. Cowgirl up!

Fall is coming and I love that there are little signs showing up all around us. It is my favorite time of year in upstate NY.

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Daisy said...

Lisa, love your blog. I read this article earlier today and thought of it when I just read your post so I'm passing it along. I struggle with planning and faith too . . .