Monday, October 19, 2009

one short weekend...

in NY city!!!

we had such a great time in NYC this weekend! This time we drove down which was really easy and close. We got to see our friends who just moved to NJ and stayed at their adorable apartment. They were so good to us!
Saturday was our only day in the city so we jumped on the train early that morning and headed around.

all it takes to get this happy face from chris is a jamba juice....rochester does not have one so as soon as we saw one we had to stop even though it was 30 degrees!

the subway!
times square
central park!!

the reason for travel was mrs hobby from sydney austrialia! kimball hobbie was chris' mission companion in milano italia. his wife paige is from canada so she was traveling home to see family and stopped in NYC.
we jumped down to visit with her. it has been 8 years since chris has seen either of them so there was a lot of catching up to do.
we ran through the city seeing all kinds of famous sites

there was a huge farmers market right in the middle of the city. great produce!
and we ate some really good food..all day! it was nice to shop, meet paige and her cousins and see the city by some locals who really know the subway and the city. it was a great weekend!
i did some good damage in SOHO shopping. there are some really fun shops there and we enjoyed window shopping at some really great designer shops!

my new rubber boots!


Julia Morris said...

Don't you love NYC!! So fun. By the way your pics are awesome, you must have a great camera. Julia

lisa said...

it is really fun for a few days! we have the worst camera ever. i do love the brand~cannon. but it is really really old and has like 3 mega pixels. i dream of a new one but this one keeps going.

The South Family said...

Im so jealous. Looks like so much fun.

D.B. said...

looks like fun