Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas at the Lodge

I guess this is how you do Christmas in Wyoming!

This was the second group in with Amy and her boys and james, chelsea and tobin...james and my dad made a gear trip in the day before anyone went in. ah! All those Christmas presents...

I had forgotten what 18 below feels like when you walk outside.

some stayed in the lodge, we stayed in #6 and millers in #7 which was super nice with warm water and all the food.... Fun!

Christmas Eve
The Polar Express

we cut our own tree which ended up being enormous- almost reaching the ceiling in the lodge

Bread Bowls with broccoli cheddar soup

The Nativity: favorite quote of the trip-- "Penelope, what were you in the natvity? I was Cinderalla!! (notice she is actually Mary-the mother of Jesus)... Love her!!

12 years ago we had christmas at the cabins and made candle holders for our tree and my mom found them so the tree was lite by small b-day candles. It set a great mood to the evening.

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