Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Traditions

The Faerber's have a lot of holiday traditions and this year we added A homemade Christmas as well as being at the Lodge!

The last time we were together for Christmas we tried to do something traditional from each family (in laws included)! Four years ago we took a fabulous trip in the International around Lander singing and pointing out pretty lights. That was quite a sight I am sure. The we went to a Christmas Eve service at the local church and sang songs. That was a highlight. Chris' family always talked into a recorder about the past year and sang some songs. So four years ago we did that as well. Too funny!

I grew up doing things like reading the Polar Express, baking yummy treats like sugar cookies and pecan logs, reading Luke 2 and then acting out the nativity; perhaps a little irreverant but always fun! Broccoli cheddar soup with bread bowls on Christmas Eve. This Christmas it seemed we were all a little busy packing and planning for the lodge but we did manage to get a few traditions in there.

And we had to start early!

Growing up we were never allowed to open presents early.... But this year we had to open some presents early because of the difficulty in travel. No complaints! It kinds stretched Christmas out for days. We just kept opening things. And this Christmas was such a fun one we might have to make this a new tradition!
It was great to make something simple for each family and to see how unique all the gifts were and talented all my family is. I really enjoyed this new tradition!

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