Monday, May 10, 2010

4 months

Baby turned 4 months; and we are still celebrating every little minute and milestone he has.

He rolled over for the first time from his tummy to his back. Even though it was mostly head momentum that carried the roll.

He is still sleeping well and spitting up well. I got more shots, tried a new yucky formula, still takes antacids for spitup and now weighs a grand total of 12 lbs exactly!

Capo is smiling, giggling and reaching and holding toys. He completed an ASQ for the doctor.

He went on his first airplane ride; to none other than Laramie Wyoming. He also had is first cold! Yuck-croup. And had a few weeks of no sleep. We are still trying to recover from that.

We moved visits to westfall to join case management and are getting settled with a new worker, new visit schedule and new location. So far so good!

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