Friday, August 20, 2010

small + simple

I am loving the small everyday things that we share together.

The noises that capo makes when he eats...mmmm...and the lip smacking! then the mouth opens for more baby food as he climbs up my leg. so cute!

he is so sweet. he reaches for me or daddy and when he is awake in his crib he just grins when you come to get him. he smiles and laughs even when he is trying to finish his bottle.

i love it when he is really tired because he giggles at everything even when I look at him. And he will give me a side way grin as he falls asleep. The other day he was so tired and I was making kissy faces and he was coping my kisses. I just melted!

at church today he was so loud i had to go into the hallway. I could not hear the speakers over his coos. chris said he could still hear him from the front of the building when we were in the hallway. he is the only child in our branch so it is quiet but he is just so loud.

I love it when he laughs at my singing (and i am hoping it is only because he is happy and not that my singing is horrible)

He has not figured out how to crawl forward yet, only pushes backward and in circles. so funny! This is so frustrating for him because he wants things and cannot reach them. I love play time with him. He wiggles and rolls, falls and reaches for everything. it is hard to keep up. i love trying to change his diaper because if this kid is awake he is moving.

I love it when we put him down because he will just lock eyes with you and baby talk or giggle. he is just so sweet! and even though he is not a snuggler he loves to be near us.

smiley baby

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Jodie said...

Oh, the cuteness! I LOVE pictures of this amazing little man!!