Thursday, September 16, 2010


capo is teething. and this has changed everything in the house; diapers, sleep, habits at night and day! we were once so spoiled that at 7 weeks he was sleeping through the night. last weekend he woke up screaming every hour and has done that for about a week. I am exhausted. 6 hours a night interupted sleep is just not doing it for me. we will get past this stage though, soon!
and even though he is not feeling well capo is so happy and smiley. i took him to the doctor this week to make sure he did not have an ear infection because so many things have changed (and no he does not) but the doctor was shocked that this happy, smiley little boy was out of sorts.
it has also been a struggle with bio-mom visits.we are to trying to stick to some kind of a schedule which at this point where sleep is a struggle we need a schedule more than ever! his needs simply put are not taken into consideration. but we make it through each one even if we have to struggle the rest of the day and night. poor kid.


these are pictures of him sleeping which is maybe not the best representation when we are so lacking in sleep but he is so sweet and loving. lately he has been making this kissy face a lot! people will stop us in the store commenting on how they love that he blows kisses to others. (i never say that he really is unvolunteerly making that face and just say yep! he is really cute and funny. thanks!)

he loves rice, baby food, ice cream-really anything solid that is not milk any more. too cute!

Copy of IMG_0056

i feel like i get very little done in the day when i am so tired! but work, church and the house do not stop so the balance has to change and we re-adjust.


like sleep when and where i can!

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Becky said...

love the kissy face.