Thursday, September 16, 2010

thinking about these....

"walk by faith in a world governed by sight."

I love this quote and have been thinking about how much I struggle to simply move forward without being able to see where these experiences are taking me.
he loves his daddy
And as I prepare for a speaking assignment at church in the next few weeks I have been reading and thinking about unity. And this quote has stuck with me....

"May God bless us to realize that an important measure of our progress in coming unto Christ is to be found in how well we treat others, especially those who are different."

For the church of Jesus Christ we belong to a "culture" that is very judgemental and exculsive it feels at times and I love this simple statement. If we could all judge a little less, reach out and love a little more. That is the doctrine of Christ and I love how simple it really is.


I see this church in the city and pass it often. I love the bronze steeples that have turned green and the simple red brick. It is about half way between home and the office as well as about half way from baby's visits and home.

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Becky said...

This is an awesome quote. Just what I need! thank you.