Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

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We enjoyed a very quiet week before Christmas which was much needed after the last few we have had. So Christmas Eve w as at our house and I was really stressed about hosting because we have so many traditions. And I wanted to accommodate our friends as well.

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Chris cooked way too much food of course but we sent some home and have enjoyed the left overs. stuffed shells with shrimp and white sauce as well as a tomato sauce with sauce. a fried goat cheese salad, steak on the grill and a homemade german chocolate cake for dessert.

We had a great time and over all the evening was very laid back.

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this was also a good bye dinner for these two amazing people. who we miss already! but boston will be a fun place to visit. the baby is in love with adam and did not want to leave him.
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adam and suzy helped us sing some Christmas songs

we read and watched the video of Luke 2 and had a great conversation about things that we like from the Nativity story. And lastly we read the Polar Express. Stockings out and Pj's on!

getting ready for bed....and he was excited and up to late


3 stockings this year!
Santa brought a few things for the baby!

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Liz said...

A few things??? It looks like the baby was REALLY good this year!

Happy Holidays!!