Friday, December 3, 2010

the nutcracker

Chris and I had the best time at the RPOs performance of the Nutcracker! It makes it really feel like Christmas and brought back so many memories of dancing in it myself as well as my sisters. I kept commenting to Chris about the differences, the parts we each performed and our family traditions around these performances. One of which were krispy creme doughnuts after! yum! IMG_0058
The live orchestra was so fabulous in the kodak theater; I was just so excited to be there and after several years I enjoyed the story all over again. This was a really good performance as well. The company had amazing dancers but it was also a good mix with local ballet studios with young children. That is such a cute addition to the story but to top it off they had a performance by a local children's choir during the dance of the snowflakes. Ah! It was surprising and beautiful.
We did not know this but cameras before and after the performance are not allowed in the theater and we were scolded by the ushers. ops! We got two.

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Blue Skies said...

Jameson and I went to a performance of the Nutcracker last year. I loved it, but I am pretty sure that Jameson was bored out of his mind. So fun!