Monday, June 27, 2011

summer time!!

On hot days we swim in the backyard. I put together a very funny video of this afternoon but Chris thinks a naked baby swimming is inappropriate for the web. so sorry!

Baby K is teething his molers. Which has been truly testing my patience. I know is this really note worthy but ah! I cannot walk out of the room without a full on tantrum. Baby K is not a crier either so you know it is a big deal when he is screaming. It has been non-stop for 2 weeks. He is not sleeping through the night any more and I am out of ideas. So tired.

In other news we got a call last week for a 26 month old little girl who needed a place to stay for a few weeks until her foster parents returned home. Chris and I were really excited to have a playmate for Baby K. At least for a few weeks. We were told she would come Monday so we had everything set up for her and last minute they called to say in fact, no she would be going home to her momma. Which is a good thing I know. But we were sad. Plus I am not sure that anyone was going to tell us. Chris called and called and finally got a hold of the caseworker just to comfirm her dropoff time and she then informed us oh no she will not be coming. Seriously, this is one of many reasons why normal people do not do foster care. So frustrating! I know for them it is a job but for us it becomes and well really is our life.

I felt awful but baby K somehow pulled a chair onto himself and now has a great big bump. Poor kid has had a rough few weeks.

Sunday I was asked to give a talk and it was my week to teach gospel doctrine. It was a really busy week of preparation and I was grateful for the time spent studying. My topic was desire. Which I really struggled with and I think that is why I learned so much. I am just glad it is all over and I enjoyed a long nap Sunday afternoon.


Blue Skies said...

I read the story on Chris's blog too -- kinda crazy stuff!

Becky said...

I heard your talk was great!

Jodie said...

Is there anything cuter than naked baby pics? I think not. Baby K's black eye reminds me of Emmalee, one week before we finalized their adoptions. She fell and cut her eye on the corner of the entertainment center. She still has a scar. I was horrified that we were getting ready to see the judge. Thankfully it healed quickly.

Love & miss you guys. We need to get together!!