Friday, June 10, 2011

Seneca Zoo

We had a great time at the local zoo this week, Chris was disappointed that we did not wait for him. (someone has to work). I was excited to see how the baby would react to the animals if really at all.

I saw alot of these faces throughout the day. He loved it, pointing at the animals and even making noises back and forth with a few. There was a monkey busy swinging and calling out so the baby joined right in. A women and her son walked up to see the monkey and she commented, "I thought all of that noise was from the monkey!"

We both loved this indoor viewing area (with AC) and we could watch the huge polar bears and the seals. They were really funny! Sorry for all the pictures but the baby loved running around inside.

a little girl was teasing the seals with keys, they would follow her all around. Baby K would just giggle and laugh. It was really cute.

The baby loved finding all the animals. Rhino, bald eagle, snakes, fish and birds! He knew lots of baby signs for animals and we both had a great time in the sun!

And the poor, tired baby in his new Pea Pod tent.

I told Chris I would sacrifice next time and he could take the baby all by himself since he missed out on all the fun.


Blue Skies said...

He is looking pretty cute!! Zoos are loads of fun!

Jared-n-Krystal said...

Looks like the little man had fun! I love PeaPod tents. I am so glad you got one!! We will have to come visit and all three of the kids can have a camp out :)